Yao Yun gave me a stare,Gave me a warning look。

No one speaks,Xiaohang didn’t feel embarrassed either,Looked at the girl opposite me。
“This sister,Are you here to travel??”Xiaohang asked her。
“Yes。”Woman smiles,I said hello。
“Let’s go play together tomorrow?”Xiaohang said excitedly。
The woman gently trimmed the hairline near her ear,“no need,I don’t like fun。”
Chapter Sixty Two Lover
Eat a meal,No one speaks anymore。
Maybe it’s habit,I eat faster。
When the meal is over,I found that there are still a lot of things on everyone’s plates。
then,I took out my phone,Checked the latest news。
The woman sitting next to Yao Yun was the second to finish eating。
She glanced at Yao Yun,Didn’t ask Yao Yun to let him go,But just like me,Playing with the phone。
It makes me think she is nice,At least polite。
Yao Yun was the last to put down his chopsticks。
She didn’t finish everything on her dinner plate。

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