More than 10 million sergeants of the Thunder Sky team are arranged according to the usual training pattern,With the bright light in the distance getting bigger and bigger,The morale of the sergeants also increased,I don’t know who started it,Let’s sing the military anthem of Thunder Team:“We want victory,victory,Ultimately belongs to us……”

There is no air in the starry sky,The sound can’t travel a long distance,The power of so many immortal cultivators together is very powerful,Almost all the cultivators in the starry sky have heard this popular military song,A sense of pride rises in their hearts,It seems that they are also integrated into this iron-blooded master。
The Thunder Team’s team is indeed a well-tempered army,They followed Human Race、Yaozu、Mozu、The creatures of the demon land fought a life and death battle,The final victory belongs to them,Everyone’s heart is full of passion,Even if there is a sea of swords and fires ahead,As long as the battle needs,They will jump without hesitation,Under the command of Lei Tianzi,No one backed down yet,No one dared to escape。
deserter,Will be nailed to the pillar of shame forever,Never stand up,Cast aside by everyone,This is an iron law,Is formulated in the military regulations of Thunder Team,Every soldier enlisted in the army first learns the military regulations。
When the sergeants of Thunder Team sang the military song,No one of the local aboriginal cultivators dared to enter the gleaming opening first,Lei Tianzi’s majestic eyes swept over these cultivators,Nodded secretly:“They are more current affairs,Those who dare to compete with my Thunder Team,Mostly into the grave。”
He slowly pulled out the command knife,Give an order:“go ahead。”
With an order,The tens of thousands of soldiers of the entire Thunder Sky team lined up like arms and flew into the big opening that seemed to swallow everything.,But five seconds,All the people disappeared,Diabolo Xueer stood in the starry sky and muttered:“Heaven and earth bless you to return safely。”
Subsequently,Trillions of local cultivators poured into it,The originally crowded starry sky became empty。
Lei Tianzi discovered after entering that secret realm,What appeared in front of me was a space the size of a star field,Sailed in the stars for hundreds of years,Lei Tianzi is most familiar with Star Territory,I know at a glance,This mystery is a bit weird。
He passed the order to Zhai Jun:“Shaoan,Stop now。”
The entire Thunder Team is actually a whole,Whether they have 10,000 or a million people,Even thousands of people、Hundreds of millions,It’s a layered management model,Military officers at every level are in control of varying numbers of fighters。
Give an order,The whole army stopped,Gathered in a corner of a strange star field,Lei Tianzi ordered:“Offering a new star castle,Let’s observe for a few days before talking。”
The new-style star castle has Lei Wang Chao brain,You can observe the changes in the space tens of billions of kilometers away.,Lei Tianzi is not eager to find opportunities,But you need to ensure your own safety。

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