Looking at the steaming hot pot on the table, I didn’t move my chopsticks。

Before you know why Yao Yun invited me to dinner,,I can’t eat。
Yao Yun stuffed a piece of meat into his mouth,Then ask me,“Why don’t you eat it?”
“President Yao,You invite me to dinner,Not just want to care about subordinates?”I asked with a smile。
Yao Yun took out a piece of paper and wiped his mouth,“No wonder Shimeng keeps complimenting you,Speak really happy。”
“I’ll talk straightforwardly,I want you to travel with me next week。”
I nodded,“No problem。”
Company business trip,This is normal,She doesn’t need to invite me to dinner?
“It’s not our branch。”Yao Yun said flatly,“Is another branch,Joaquin Dafa,You should have heard it?”
I nodded。
I know the name,Is a pillar enterprise of the group。
Yao Yun continued,“Have a sum of money to come back,Shimeng,Whole branch,Your business ability is the strongest,and so,Can you please help?。”
She put her hands crossed on the table,Looking at me with two big eyes,Waiting for my answer。
“can。”I said,“but,There should be a sales department in the branch, right??”
although,I know the problem,Asked for nothing。
But I still want to know the reason for taking me there。
“this problem。”Yao Yun blinked,“Let Shimeng explain to you。”
I nodded。

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