Chapter Four mask

“Blue ten star eye,interesting,There is still this kind of eye”A voice in the dark sound。
“But now I am still not going to my field.,There will be a chance”
This sentence is finished,Here is quiet。
Wooden original root base。
“Three generations,Already prepared”Slow down bandage only reveals the pole of the eye。
His eyes are full of excitement。
Three generations have seen a bad call,Just look at the gods。
“Recently,knew”Three generations faintly。
“Yes,But if we succeed,Power will not be poor than them,Even more”Switching said confident。
He believes in his own research,The power of fusion five blood is definitely not a general powerful。
“Ah,Yes,But now the situation is not allowed to have too much action.,Once the spring is found, what is the consequence?,You should know”Three generations disdain。
“Although we are at this critical time,Take blood from each village,But it is also the light of this incident.,If you act again,It is likely to cause attention”
The three generations were originally prepared to hold a five-shadow meeting.,Take some bloody。
The result is achieved.。
But because of the emergence of Spring and Yuxi Boss。
The links between countries are more closely,If each country is interoperable,That will be alarmed。
Coupled with the strength of the country,This matter is likely to conceal how long。
So they can’t act temporarily.,Lost a bloody,Not causing too much attention,But the two are different.。
But this time they only collected blood ninters needed by experiments.。
“Then what should we do?”Swite also frowning。
Almost no one dare to fight back,Even three generations are not。
“Take me to see them”The three generations did not continue to say。
Despicion, although some doubts,But still with three generations。
Inside the laboratory,Five people wearing a white robe,It’s so neat lying on the bench.。
Four men have four men,There is also a woman,But they all have eyes。
Only from their slightly undulating chest,I know that they are all alive.。
“This is their physical information,Has been taking detailed check,no problem”Sworm calls, a stack of documents to standing there.。
Three generations,Look at it carefully。

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