Honest,This possibility is bigger than the previous one.!

some of,Must have a sufficient amount of weight“guarantor”,on the one hand,Can talk to Wang Lin,It can also say it in the city of Yucheng.。on the other hand,He has to have enough ability,Once this is an immediate,He can quickly suppress,Disorderly!
relation,ability,status,Three are missing!
Throughout the whole Qi,Even the world,Only Gao Baoyi can take this heavy!
This is Li Delin, said Gao Bo Yi“never fail”s reason。Solitary,Wang Lin,It is the big ship in North Qi.“Crimping stone”。
As long as the ship is strong enough,I am not afraid that the two stones can’t make anything.。
The country and life are actually a similar situation.,People need balanced pentan organs,Country also needs to coordinate various contradictions within。
Wang Lin is,It will suppress the economic lifeline of the family to control the North Qi!At least can alleviate this process。One-weeks,Peach,Can only be his Gao Bo Yi,Can’t be a family!
This relationship,It must not be reversed。
“correct,(Jinyang)Construction Corps,You have nothing?”
Gao Bao Yi does not move the color of Li Delin。
“Today, I have seen the things except Wang Lin.,Just for this。Human duty has placed all the Jinyang Lifen people in the Western City workmanship,As for future reclamation,It is also based on the workshop,I don’t know if the Lord is what this means.?”
Um,Sure enough, there is a person with mind。
Gao Boi nodded,Not expressed too enthusiastic or excited。Li Delin understood well,So-called Construction Corps,Center of gravity“Build”Two-word top。Army,I have long been what Cao Cao is playing.,Gao Bo is definitely not rare。
According to this idea,He is careful,Now,Gao Bi should be very satisfied with this。
“okay,You go back to prepare,tomorrow,You come to mention this。”
NS1086chapter Western wind(Down)
Today’s nation,Unusual,Because it is exactly a high performance“Hill”Day 5 after the fire!
Where there will be such a coincidence in the world?
Almost all the courtiers think,This time,It should be that Gao Boyi will present the things of high performance.,Then I took the opportunity to press the Gaoyu.。
Zhao Zhaojun’s scorpion,Actually in the North Week,And it seems to have another plan of the court。This matter,Say,For the highness of the Gaoyu,Can not be a general big。
Temple,Li Zuyu shouted with the little euruary around Li Zugu。With the increasingness of the Yucheng Central,Although everyone knows Li Zuyu is a“Rubber stamp”,But I don’t dare to look at her.。
Because a single Li Zugu is not terrible,Terrible is her inside and outside her two people.,A great meaning,A powerful,It is easy to control the political situation of Yucheng。
Dead death, Yang Wei。
“Today’s emergency meeting,Because there is a task。Morning is just a woman,Don’t know what national events,So please also ask other love to help the family think about the way。”
Li Zugu is practicing this sentence for a long time.,Almost can be, she is most skilled.。What difficulties encounter,As long as you say this sentence at the meeting.,leftover,Hand to Gao Boyi resolution。
“Too,I am waiting for the court,Worry for the Queen,It is the matter。”
Gao Bo Yi fake,Argue。In fact these routines,I don’t know how many times have you been in the past.。
“Chu Wang Gongzhong,Truth is true。”
Li Zugu nodded,Continue:“Then, ask Chu Wang talking to you.,How is this thing?,How should I deal with?。The sorrow is just a good one.。”
look,This is completely singing,Gao Boyi, etc. is this sentence.。
“Allocate,A big thing happened today。”
He stopped,Many ministers present,Quiet waiting for his next sentence。What can Gao Bi still say??Isn’t it just how Chang An?,Those thieves are“Thief”What。
Finally, there is a big pile in the east.,Then make this matter to the past。
I didn’t expect to say this.,Gao Bo Milton,Continue to say:“Wang Lin, Jing Wei,Latest write letter to me,Say he and he,Hometown,I hope to go back to Huainan’s land.,Yangzhou。
He hopes that the court can take troops to take over the land of Jingjing.,Then arrange the army of the army。
Allocate,How do you think?”
what?Wang Lin?
Yang Wei and others stunned,They have almost everyone to forget this person.,How is Wang Lin jumped out now??

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