Golden big python spit out a few words:“cheers!”
Liu Hao and Golden Big Python continue to drink three altars,Then I went up and came to the front of the Tiger.。
“First talk about something first!”Tiger King spit a few words:“First, three cups first。”
“it is good!”Willow laughs。
“bump,bump,bump!”One person, one tiger, directly drinking three altars。
Tiger driver smiled and spit out a few words:“elegant,More than ten years,You come in a coma,But against the sky,Pioneer,Condensing the king’s imprint,Nirvana rebirth,This talent,Perseverance makes people admire,Are you suited??”
Tigers are looking at everyone。
Tiger Wang,Suddenly let everyone blush boiling,Intrava,Most people present in the field are condensed。
All the way。
Deeply know that Nirvana is hard,What’s more, it is a person who has been coma.,And to create a new strength。
This way is hard to imagine。
They are in the heart!。
“Service,Everyone toast,Everyone three altars。”Tiger King spit a few words:“Pay tribute to our arrogant woman。”
“it is good,Toast!”
“Must be toast!”
Tell this,When the field is suddenly hot,I hope to the willow.,Liu Yi is dumbfounded,I really can’t think of the tiger king to give her this trick.。
“Wife,I have already told you.,This is a hunter。”Lin Feng took a deep look at the willow.。
“Lin Yu,Lincao Xuan,come out!”Tiger king spit out a few golden characters,The sound is like a thunder:“You have a minimum of yourself,First toast,wrong,Xiao Tinger,you first,Let your old ace drink。”
Tigers Wang Wangjing Little Ting in Lin Fenghuai,Try to squeeze out smile,Just this smile is a little bit of laughter。
“Big flower cat,You are too bad,Don’t bully。”Xiao Ting’s voice,Her scorpion is beautiful,It’s like a magic treasure.,Delicate people。
NS1154chapter Brothers and sisters
“Ha ha!”
Tell this,Everyone is laughing,Dongxing,Crow,Two tigers,Huang Mao,Lin Ao, etc. This gang is even more laughing.。
“wipe,White Tiger turned into a big flower cat。”The golden big python is also smiling with a smoke.。
“This little girl deliberately,Ghost,I want this apprentice.。”Evil turtle evil。
“it is good,Daughter,Old aihore in the international classic quotation。”Lin Feng haha laughed and holding Xiao Ting.,It seems that there is such a person in which the Tiger Wang is still to deal with the little Ting.。
“Xiao Tinger,it is good!”Willow is laughing at Xiaotang Road,I went up, I couldn’t help but relatives. Xiaotang.。
“I rubbed!”
Tiger Wang went to hear himself,Actually, I was directly sent to Xiao Ting.,But can’t continue to argue with this little girl.。

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