Li Ming smiled:“chaos,The strongest treasure I left behind,One is both domain functions,Leave this star field for your own use。”The original ancestor of Chaos Castle leads the virtual universe company for hundreds of millions of years,Very wealthy,It was an early exchange for the Star Domain—But he also set a rule,Lord of the universe of the human race,Get up to one piece of Xeon Arcana from the clan,And if you are lucky enough to get the Xeon Supreme in the future,The first thing must be exchanged for the treasure of the race。

This guarantees a virtuous circle。
of course,Comparable to the strongest,The master of the universe who is qualified to snatch the strongest treasure in the universe,Currently, Chaos City Lord himself,The Lord of Darkness and the Lord of Peng Gong are almost。
As for Li Ming,Strictly speaking, he—After all so far,He hasn’t comprehended the complete law of time—There is really no time to understand the law of time—Indulge in secret practice,Inextricable。
Chapter VII God Eye Race
In the universe,A star palace traverses the void easily,Chaotic airflow separated。
“Worthy of being the strongest palace,Even flying in the sea is so easy。”The giant axe said with a smile。
Li Ming also has a palace treasure,But his divine power is weaker,Used for flying at a slower speed。
You can’t fly and burn superpower?No amount of divine body is enough!
“I don’t know about this deal with the God Eyes,How many Xeon treasures can I earn!Xeon Zhibao is so easy to use,Temple of Stars,I dared to enter many dangerous places。”The giant axe deliberately made a loud voice,Make the third treasure of the town seal、The sixth Allah is itchy。
“Great Axe,Those are two Allahs,Among them is the third Allah who is extremely powerful,I believe that the God Eyes are willing to spend a lot of money in exchange for it。。It is estimated that changing two pieces of Xeon Zhibao is not a problem,As for the sixth Allah,It’s almost the same for two peak treasures。”Li Ming also deliberately taunted:“Haha,Looking at it this way, the God Eyes are really good people,Go back and give those two peak treasures to the boy in Yinhe,Let him know the passion of the God Eyes。”
“what a pity,Although the God Eye Race is second only to the two sacred places,But years of accumulation is still difficult to break through reincarnation,Achieve a holy land universe。Their treasures are not as cheap as us,Count it up,The God Eye Race is a bit similar to our human race!”
But between words,The giant axe is also more careful,Did not reveal Li Ming’s true strength,So far in the eyes of Allah of God Eye Race,The Lord of Infinity is only a lucky one,Acquired the Xeon Arc and it fits perfectly,The Lord of the Universe who can barely reach the two Allahs,Strength is the peak of Tier 6,At most barely touch the edge of Tier 7。
“Damn human!”The phantom of God’s eyes behind the first Allah emerges with anger,Hit the palm of your hand on the table and chair in front of you,Smash a seat comparable to the high-grade treasure。

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