Zhu Minglang will take it out of the spiritual realm,It was unexpectedly discovered that the little black dragon that had just emerged from its cocoon was actually close to an adult domestic dog。

When it was just a small crocodile spirit,I wish Minglang can hold it in one palm。
Now I have to hold it with my hands,And the weight is not small。
Generally larger at birth,It will be bigger in adulthood!
mighty、violent、Brave,It seems that Big Black Fang will be a very qualified tyrannical dragon this time.!!
The Wuhui helmet on its face is the most special,So that it faded from the original crocodile spirit,It’s all black young dragons,Its dragon horn、Dragon Claw、Dragon tail、Long Tong’s characteristics are also very obvious,Just climbed out of the dragon cocoon,There is a kind of overbearing aura!
First416chapter Hunting event
“Blessed you,I specially left you some meat,King Eagle Meat for 25,000 Years。”Zhu Minglang looked at the big black teeth after the sting,Feel very satisfied。
Black Gulong。
What race is it,Zhu Minglang won’t be able to recognize it for a while。
Anyway, this is how to train your dragon,I can always find out what is the dragon with the domineering helmet on the head。
Eagle Emperor Meat Zhu Minglang has preserved a lot。
Although Xiaoye Jiao also eats meat,But it seems to prefer the flesh of creatures in the ocean,It doesn’t like it so much on land。

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