Guan Nan and Lin Ruoyun are sitting in front of their phones,After the two listened to all the recordings。Guan Nan smiled and said:“Thank you Xia Jian,Thus,This matter is much easier。You give me all the recordingsUOn disk”

“What to do next?”Guan Tingna asked softly。
Guan Nan took a breath and said:“With these things,We can have a showdown with them tomorrow。Tomorrow you accompany Xia Jian out to play,Your aunt and I can bring these security guards over。Presumably they dare not mess around”
“how could be?We have to prepare in advance,Then invite them both over。After all negotiations are over,Let Tingna and Xia Jian show up”Lin Ruoyun said with confidence。
Xia Jian heard this,Can’t help but take a long breath。
the next morning,Guan Nan and Lin Ruoyun suddenly changed their minds。Said to take Guan Tingna and Xia Jian to talk to Guan Bei。
In fact, Xia Jian knew,Things have reached this point,There is nothing to talk about。To put it plainly is a showdown。But Xia Jian is sure,Guannan won this matter steadily。
“You go with your dad and them!I won’t go。There is nothing to talk about today,Isn’t it the recovery of rights,And your two uncles swallowed it privately,Just let them vomit”Xia Jian whispered to Guan Tingna。
Guan Tingna asked a little puzzled:“You all went yesterday,Doesn’t it seem bad not to go today?!”
“you’re so dumb!Yesterday I faced those people who worked for your family。And the one facing today,But your two uncles。And I’m a fake son-in-law,You said met them,What do you do in the future?”Xia Jian expressed his opinion。
Guan Tingna thought for a while and said:“You are right,Then you don’t have to go,Take a good rest in the hotel。If anything,I’ll call you again”
“Tell your dad,Just say I feel a little sick,Want to rest。do you understand me?”Xia Jian exhorted Guan Tingna again。
Guan Tingna nodded and said:“I know what to say,You can sleep with ease!”Guan Tingna left after speaking。

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