Wang Youfa hesitated,Ran to the yard and found the broom,Started cleaning the yard。Wang Degui sitting on the kang and wrapping paper,I couldn’t help but breathe out。He looked at this year and couldn’t pass it,I didn’t expect the old woman to come out and say,These two sons are honest again。

In the kitchen,Chen Yueqin is working,While saying:“Look at you three brothers,There is no one that makes mother worry,If I can bring back a woman,I don’t need to be so troublesome”
Chen Yueqin’s words woke up Wang Youcai,Yes!Why didn’t he bring a woman back?In this case, outsiders look good,At least I don’t have to do the tea and water。
Thought of here,Wang Youcai began to comb the women around him。In fact, the best candidate for the secretary is Liu Ying,It’s a pity that I went back to my hometown to celebrate the New Year。Chen Xiaoju can’t,Because both parents know her,I know they broke up long ago,Then Ni Xiaoli is even worse,She might not come when she comes,She can’t do anything when she comes。
Actually, Lan Ling didn’t go back to her hometown,But she looks like,If you bring it home,It gives him the face of the treasurer,But let this woman do housework,That’s still famous!
Think about it this way,Wang Youcai thought of Xu Lihong。This woman should be fine,Whether she can work or not,As far as she listened to him。Besides, she looks pretty good,If you dress up,Be his girlfriend for a few days,This is not a big problem。
Thought of here,Wang Youcai came to the spirit,He took out his phone,So he called Xu Lihong immediately。May be due to Chinese New Year,Their business is not very good。What time is it,Xu Lihong seems to be in bed,She yawned and asked:“What’s wrong, Mr. Wang?You did not go home for the new year”
“I want to bring you to my house for the New Year,do you understand me?”Wang Youcai lowered his voice and said。
Xu Lihong on the phone didn’t recover for a while,She said with a smile:“I really don’t understand what you mean,You just say,Is it the New Year these few days,You want to wrap me up?”
“Wrap your mother!I want you to be my girlfriend for a few days temporarily”Wang Youcai couldn’t help cursing on the phone。
Xu Lihong heard what Wang Youcai meant,She couldn’t help laughing:“OK! Isn’t this something that kills two birds with one stone?!”
“Then you prepare,I’ll pick you up in a while”Wang Youcai on the phone,Say hello to Chen Yueqin,And quickly ran to the gate of the village committee,Drove his broken jeep to Pingdu。
Approaching normal city,Wang Youcai’s phone rang,Because he is driving,So I didn’t watch,I connected the phone with one hand,Roar to the mouth:“Hey!Who?”
“You are the king and you are rich,I don’t know people when I mention my pants”There was a woman’s ecstasy voice on the phone。
When Wang Youcai heard this voice,,Busy parked the car to the side of the road,Asked with a smile:“So it’s you!Is your sewer blocked again?,Tell me to poke you in the sewer?“

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