“Let’s go,You don’t eat fruit,Why stare。”Zhu Minglang said to Tianshalong。

Tianshalong observed,Also feel boring,Back to the same way。
When leaving,Zhu Minglang specially looked back at this green copper tree。
A few moments,Zhu Minglang thought this monster copper tree would suddenly come alive,Then he yelled at himself as a thief,Toss up this swamp。
But this tree seems to be a tree,Although it should have existed for a long time……
“It’s really that simple?”Zhu Minglang scratched his head。
A little uncomfortable。
Smoothly, people always feel that the two Zhenhai bells are not so reliable。
Smoothly out of the swamp,The grass beads are almost used,Zhu Minglang and Han Wan、Lu Yuan’s tour has merged,They also found some grass beads nearby,Can be extended。
“Where’s the great teaching??”Zhu Minglang asked。
“It’s not that easy to get rid of the Sea Eagle Emperor,We can leave the island first。”Han Wan said。
“Do you see this?”Zhu Minglang took out one of the Zhenhai bells,Asked。

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