I want to sleep.

Hand is weak,then,The blonde of the girl came down and the sound,In the http://www.yuxian365.cn royal10777The chest is infected with an Yinhong。
That is the sound of blood vessels。
Using magic super subject,Not one by one。
NS699chapter Each other
White feathers drift on the land of Russia,Bringing a holy holy to the ice and snow covered by the war。
Juvenile from the world,Snourish from the sky,In the end, it returns to the world。
“Want to leave??”One-party arrow,Finally, I am dead.,It seems to be afraid that he will disappear.,“Yushuyu doesn’t want you to leave。”
“what,Unworthy。”The evil laughing on one side has always been there as a shadow that disappears.,This has always been tolerance in the dark, the young people who have exposed gentle looks in the first time.,“but,I have to have something I should do.。”
The white wings are gently oscillated behind the young,Holding the last thing to fall from the sky,Sapphire stopping an eager to say10777No,then,One party prayed lightly in a coma。
A crystal feathers are gently falling on the forehead of the bee bee。
Feathers emit soft rays,In a moment of contacting the bee,When the girl is pale, it will be rusted.。
“Rest assured,No matter what。”One side facing the royal10777Nodded,But let the latter consistently meaningful and have a slight shock.。
The existence of a party has changed from essentially,Yushu is so reported。
10777The sister is in the heart.。
But she can’t wait for her to get a reply from other royal.,She suddenly felt that her arms,Look down at a look,One party will finally put it in her embrace。
“Help me protect her。”Teenagers say,“please。”
“After so long,I should have finished doing what I should do.。”
White wing,One party flying towards the sky,Sprinkle a crystal white。And he looked at the golden sky,And that getting closer,The face has a touch of smile.。
I see,This is
What is war?。
far away,The fire of the right side suddenly wrinkled,The upper strip is also feeling like the upper surface.,The next consciousness lifted the head。
then,They saw white hair white hair,Teenager danced with angel wings。
http://www.361robot.cn “Right fire,”One party is cold, such as the snow of Russia,“This uncle teaches you to remember one thing——”
“here,Is it one side?!!!”
Teenagers send a roaring like peak,Next second,White light!
It seems to have a long dream。
Chasing the phantom until waking up,But when I woke up,It’s really a very important thing.,Can eventually lose。
When the Qing Palace woke up again,This is the strange feeling。
“you’re awake?”A voice sounded in a virtual space。
Sure enough, I heard this familiar voice in the Qing Palace.,I can’t help but sigh.,Then slowly open his eyes。
Not surprisingly,I really appeared in this inexplicable place again.,but,The Qing Palace now knows where he is。
here,Is your own thinking depth。

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