Toned,Good sound is not good,“My identity is exposed,The gods of the gods have been in secret to me.。”

She is swaying,Don’t want to continue this topic,Also,“I specially tell you something。”
“what’s up。”
Significant sound is sitting straight,Look straight to the summer,“You with the rush of row,The location is the Tiandu Peak in Kunlun,But he did not have time,You are ready to leave tomorrow or then go again?”
Summer is sinking,“Tomorrow afternoon,I am going to stay in Xining a night.,Next day, go to the mountain。”
“No matter what you start tomorrow,Still away,Be sure to be careful on the road。”
Good sound,“Since rushing to invite you,I have been secretly investigation,His reasonable to tell you,In addition to what I said,I doubt that he has another backhand.。”
Toned,Spit out a breath,“Not long ago, I learned an extremely secret message.,This old thief has been in contact with Tian Luo,I suspect……”“I know。”
Not finished,Summer interrupted her。
Good sound is wrong。
Summer depth,“Yesterday, half the night,Someone finds me,Any cave master,Her name is well。”
Significant sound is suddenly shocked,Demonstrate,“then you……”“I killed her.。”
The sound is very light.,It is like it is saying‘I have dinner.’Be as flat。
Just in this sentence into the good sound,Let her face change again。
For a long time,She asked softly,“You are hurt?”
Compared to Li Lazi and Li Pist,Good sound is more clear,Two cave depends,What kind of situation will be。
More more, one of them killed another person……All payments,Never an unusual person can imagine。
Sterisky heart suddenly。
But in the summer, I immediately said,“Just some small injuries,No problem。”
Good sound, obviously do not believe,Ask,“Can you tell me in detail?。”
Summer nodded,Not hidden,I said it last night’s details.。
When he finished,Good and sound,The shock of the face is not hidden。
On the one hand, it is shocked to kill a strong power of a cave virtual strength with the smallest price.。
On the one hand, it is a shameless behavior of the rush and the organizational organization.。
“I want to tell me this news.,Tiantona helped the wall grass even showed。”
Good sound bite tooth,“This time you must give them a lesson.,if not,Dangdang, the ancient Chinese martial arts weak can be bulky!”
……When summer is back home,Just get off,Liu Qingqing gone。
“summer,Let’s go to Beijing.。”
Summer stunned,Virtue。
Then the old man and Li Po in the back standing behind.。
Liu Qingqing will take a hairdress,Flexible,“I am pregnant,Different, my sister, I don’t know.,I think it should tell them,and,I want to stay in Beijing for a while.,You can also accompany you to your father.。”
“How can you have this idea??”
There have been similar ideas in summer.,Just later being denied by him.。
“I just think……Perhaps this can make you feel a little peace of mind。”
Liu Qingqing low eyebrows,Whisper,“I listen to my grandfather.,You have to go out for a few days.,Yes?”

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