Shanhai is recorded in Beishan,As early as4000Daxie treatment,People in the downstream of the Yangtze River eat puffer fish,And know“Porpoise toxic,Diet”。

2000The downstream area of the Yangtze River for many years is the Wu Yue, the Spring and Autumn Warring States Period.,Wu Yue is rich in dolphins,Wu Wang has achieved the hegemony,Puffer fish is being taken for the best food。Wu Wangfong is more divided into the puffer fish with the beautiful woman Xi Shi,The pherget is called“Xi Shi liver”,The bouquet is called“Western”。
It is said that,Wu Wangfong is in the taste of the pufferchamber,Whole white milk、Rich and beautiful、Inlet、Wonderful feeling,I don’t know how to describe it.,Lenovo,Start with name“Western”,And spread in the folk。
But it is a matter of eating dolphins.,Refine the porphostal to poison,Another thing is another matter。
Honest,Ancient China did not have this“Black technology”,At least Zhongyuan did not。
Not only Gao Bo Yi,Even the ancestors of proficiency,It is also very curious that the other party is how this technique refined from the porpoise toxin, he also wants to learn.
“His Majesty,Puffer fish,The poison of the puffer fish is not easy,Not ordinary people can get。Ministers think,From this aspect, check it better,Maybe there will be clues。”
Gao Bao Yi said,Although his words are right,But it doesn’t completely troubleshoot your suspect.。
after all,He is already in Yicheng.,It is said that it is a fact that it is true that it is true.,Gao Yang is probably not 100% believe。
Nima,Some people want to die of high and Yin,Planting yourself,The technique is very poor,but,Sometimes a lot of things don’t need evidence.。
Just take the next thorns in the high school heart.,What evidence is there??As long as you can’t pay attention to it.oKNS。
I think of here,Gao Baoyi is in the heart.。
Who is the biggest beneficiary,Who is very likely that the ultimate murderer。Whose child is Allongki??Who is the most happy after Li Zugu?Who is giving?,I am afraid that there is a book in the heart of the ocean.。
Otherwise, he will not wait for you to find yourself like this now.。
Guess the heart of the Gao Yang,Gao Baoyi。He said to the high ocean:“Minishen is willing to temporarily,Above the case。”
It can solve the case on the terms of ten days.?
Hard to say。
But this time does not stand up and have faithful,Can you still have to live tonight?。Who knows that the high is not killed??Maybe there is a home slave to jump out immediately.,Acknowledging that he made him to give poison to the palace Barabara,A ring set。
Must blocked the upcoming toxic
“If the minister cannot solve the case within ten days,Willing to mention”
Gao Bao said the intermediary。
“Um,Your ability,朕 朕 信 信。Go to the internal agent,Let Zhang Zizhi gave you a hand。Within the country,Unmanned,Who is hard to block,You can kill him again.”
Gao Yang is in full swing。
“That’s too?”
“You are holding my jade,The same is true later。I must have no way to poison myself.,If she is really a person around her,Do you still have to deal with?”
The high opinion of the ocean is obvious.,Can’t play the owner,Don’t you even play a dog??
Gao Bo Yi listened,This suspicious emperor,It is estimated that it is doubtful to the homework.,The poisonous death is high and Yin is a high-definite road.。
have to say,This possibility is quite big.。But Gao Biyi knows that this is not a style of doing things in Zhaojun.。
Northern Dynasty Survival Record
NS571chapter Step by step
Gao Bo Yi dares back,Hurled the CHEF,Let Zhang Zhi’s transfer from this year’s volume,Looked an afternoon,Often no hair。Two people have a big eye,I don’t dare to talk to each other。

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