Lu Haoheng got up,Experts playing a foot glass table。

“噼 啪 啪”Beads are pushed into the corner,Beautiful vases on the table fall to the ground,Several beautiful flowers。
The woman looked at Lu Hao Chengyu’s anger lion,The whole person is afraid of shrinking the shrinkage,This Lu Hao Cheng is really terrible。
“book a flight,We immediately go back。”
The Journey to see the woman around me.,Say:“President,The lady is only a little injury.,Negly stab,I have not been an inclapse now.。
We are imperative to explain the misunderstandings here.,This lady will not be affected by double injuries.。”
Lu Haozheng suppressed the impulse of his own heart,Wanten a woman,“You better now say who sent you.,I can spare you.。”
The woman suddenly watched Lu Haozheng in an instant.,“Continental,I am pulling in.,No person, I am,Continental,Are you eating drying, don’t you want to pay??”
A woman said,Gently pull down your clothes,The traces of the blue violet fall in the eyes of Lu Haozheng。
Lu Haocheng, but coldly pulled out a smelled smile.:“You are sure this is me.?”
The woman nodded and nodded.。
“it is good,Since you are toasting,Alert,Then don’t blame me, you are welcome.。”
He looked at the right game,“Check things as soon as possible,Put this woman to the underground casino,over there,She can fall into traces of more terrible,SMNow is their focus,This woman will be enjoyable。”
“Hoot”Women listen to this,Cry,Tears,“Continental,How can you do this to me?,Are you going to pull me in?。
Otherwise I will give me ten courageous,I don’t dare to do this.。”
Here is my exclusive field,I want to ask you.,How did you have courage to step into it??
last night,I am in the early hours of the morning12Sleep,I slept until the dawn,Why don’t I remember to pull your big beauty to my room?,I have given you a chance.,You don’t want to tell the truth。”
“you,There is also a person who planning this.,I will let you go to hell.。”
His ice-cold voice is very penetrating,Clear incoming woman’s ears。
A woman,I didn’t expect Lu Hao to become so unspeakable.。
Is these traces in her? Is it not enough to explain everything??
Any man sees this scene,I will feel that I have made it wrong.。
Neither,She is absolutely can’t be sent to that kind of place。
“Continental,I do not have,I really don’t have,Do you forget??
Yesterday, you have some confesses.,Suddenly I took me into the elevator to the room.。
”Anyway, monitoring is destroyed,He even suspected,There is no evidence to prove what。
The Jiefang is listening to this,I don’t believe this with my knees.。
“I said this as a lady.,When you are moving,Don’t jump to the cliff,If you are now old and true to explain everything,You can also go out here。”
Their president did not understand last night??
Be wrong,When he is walking,Their president is fell asleep.。
How can I go to her??
What is the woman?,What is the attitude of death?,Just get the favor of this man,Her good days came.。
No monitoring,She is almost,They also take her no way。
She looked at Lu Haozheng.:“What I said is real。”
Lu Haocheng smiled coldly,The cold voice is not allowed,“Controversy,Let people take her away,Let people wait for her。”
The Journey is a second for the woman in front of him.,Pick up the phone and play the inner line。
“You can come in。”
Woman look at,Looking at Lu Haozheng,“Continental,I am now your woman.,Why do you want to be like this??
Do you want to eat dry??

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