Chen Feihu’s eyes are the most pointed,I quickly saw elephants who were running not far away.,Everyone followed the direction he pointed out.,Sure enough, I saw a group of pictures that were running.。

Naked eye,It seems that there is a five-year elephant,Every one is like a hill.,Run up,A stray pressure suddenly squeezed toward the door。
Especially the shock of the earth,Like step on the heart of everyone,Extremely horrible。
A shock,Heart if a bad person,This will estimate that the trigger heart disease is!
“Run away!”
“Let’s run!”
“What should I do,Don’t we be stepped on like a group??”
Inquiry,Lin Wei and others can’t help but ask,Like the group of the body,It is estimated that you can step on two people.,Not too hard at all。
“Can’t run!”
Chen Feihu said Shen Sheng:“The group has seen us.,The more we run,They ran faster,Will only start charge,By the time,We are more likely to live!”
Everyone is panicked when you are。
“Stand in your position,Equal like a group。”
Chen Feihu, a strong guy, a big guy,Say:“Large,I really want to kill us.,Our body size,Can dodge,Pay attention!”
Deep in this jungle,Really run,They are not familiar with the terrain,Don’t say that you can’t run over,Even if you run,In case you accidentally break into other fierce animal territories,It is estimated to die faster!
This mountain depth,The least lack of fierce animals!
Comparison of elephants,Instead, it looks warm.。
“Grass grass,Really stimulating!”
“It’s right.,This deep mountain forest,Absolutely all kinds of animals have!”
“Mom Ye,This elephant is like a mountain.,so horrible!”
“This icon’s variety seems to be a lot,Look more old,Thick sense!”
The live broadcast is boiling.,One of the words did not see the world,Excited。
after all,Like this group,It’s really rare.!
When the image is only more than ten meters away from them.,Suddenly stopped。
what’s the situation?
Xue Qing and Lin Wei are all ready to break around.,Can stop like groups,But it is worth a few eyes.,Again,It seems that there is nothing interest。
What does it mean?
Chen Feihu and others are all fog,I don’t know what elephants are doing.!
This is gone?
Everyone is holding a weapon in her hands.,It’s a bit unknown.,They all think that the group will hit it.,who knows,It’s ending.?
“Wan lucky,Everyone is safe.。”
“I rely on,Why don’t you shock?,I thought it was a good show.!”

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