Then they,‘chaos——Tan’?!

Yun Qin can’t help but a cold,Smash,I don’t dare to think about it.。 “All right,Since I have already induced it,Then you continue to sleep, you.!”
She remembers,She is there is no plant‘Function’of。
“elder sister,You believe that Xiao Yuan is Su Shixin.?”
“Uh-huh,I believe,Sleep, sleep, let’s sleep.。”
Since there is this direction,Her own way to determine Su Shixin is Xiao Yuan’s revitalization。
Zero is highly happy to continue to sleep.。Yun Qin also looked at the classroom,It seems that Su Shixin, which looks seriously.,Turned to Feng Jinlian Office。
This is the last class,Anyway, go down.,By the time,Is that she determined that Su Shixin is still Xiao Yuan?。
‘Bell bell’
Crisp under course ringtone,First grade classmates,Under the leadership of the teacher teacher,Row,DPRK。Queue the wings。
Feng Jinlian took Yunqin,Wait in the shade,I also saw Yunqin two in Su Shinoving in Queu.。
He said hello to Teacher Teacher Qi Qi.,Su Shixin came to two people。
“Biglar。Yun Qin sister。”
Because often eat with Gejia’s few brothers,Feng Jinlian is also aware of Su Shixin,Su Shixin followed Ge Yunhao called Feng Jinlian‘Big aunt’。
Feng Jinlian smiled and should sound。
Not a while,Gejia four brothers,Ge Shu painting with Ge Yunhao,Also came to the three people。
“younger sister?!How did you come?Is it looking for my brother??Oops~I’m so happy!”
Seeing Yunqin’s Ge Yunhao called a happy.!Pull in Yunqin‘younger sister,younger sister’Call,No matter what Yunqin has already visited the school.,Where is Yunqin to introduce?。
Go to the cafeteria,A strong to Yunqin introduced yourself to feel delicious vegetables,The introduction is over.,Not to introduce,Just like buying Yunqin,I want to give Yunqin a copy of the whole cafeterian menu.。
Next to Feng Jinlian,Laughing looking at Ge Yunhao excited,Laugh in a laughter。
Only Su Shixin,I am envious of Ge Yunhao to launch Yunqin’s little hand。The dark abdomen is actually the little hand of Lai Yunqin.。
When eating,Yunqin talked to the late buser,Ge Bole。
The most apparent benefit of the husband and wife teacher is probably,Never have to worry about late to the cafeteria,Will not want to eat meals。
Because of the one in the first,I have helped another.。
Eating,Ge Yuli chatted with a few people,Caught the thinking of a few people,Only let people leave。Yun Qin,The two are also assured to give a few children.。
After all, it is your own child.,Still clearly, a few people can take care of Yunqin。Moreover,Yunqin also said that I want to follow my brother.,Sister,The two naturally release it.。
Out of the cafeteria,Ge Yunhao is going to pull Yunqin,He discovered with the students‘Secret base’,Yunqin broke his hand,Take another step,Pulled Su Shikin’s hand。
“!!”Ge Yun is widened,Staring at Yunqin Laug Shi Xin’s Hand,Grievous。
“younger sister,Don’t you like your brother??”

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