“Nothing,Then I will go first.。”

Shen Xuan finished,Get up and get off。
Situ Ying looked at Shen Xuan left the figure,Her heart is somewhat touched。
Now,Situ is still a lot of words.,I want to say to Shen Xuan.。
But the more it is now.,Situ Ying’s words,If you still have no way to say。
As for Shen Xuan?,He is getting more and more,I should go back now.,Arrange the task to Anguo。
After all, now,The things here have been solved。
So next,Next direction,It should be considered,Start from here。
“but,think carefully,This matter itself,Is it nothing to do?。”
“In short now,Since everyone has already confirmed,So next,It is also time to increase your strength.。”
Shen Xuan secretly,More and more,This matter should continue。
Chapter 630 Who said to wait
“Ugh,do not know either,Now,When will I spend??”
At this time,When you say this,It is a http://www.yqytly.cn very depressed look.。
Same is the same,There are also those people around Anguo,In fact,Their hearts,It is also completely thinking。
As for the next,I will start working from what is going to handle this.,Their heart,Instead, there is a more jumper to try。
The more this situation is now,In fact, for them now,I plan to start working from what respect to what.。
In fact, they,It is quite quite understand。
“Brother,this matter,Let’s still listen to the owner.?”
With a warrior warrior around Anguo,In fact, Anguo,Also think。
so now,Agua is even more noddling.。
“Be right,This matter itself,It should be like this。”
“But for letting us,In fact, now,It’s a good opportunity to do.!”
slowly,As Agua is worthy of eye。
The more like this,In fact, for this matter,What should I do if I don’t want to handle?。
http://www.yanyangdabao.cn In itself,These things,Still have this necessary to get a good job,this is the key of the problem。
Although it is said,But think about it.,In fact, Anguang also wants to know。
Next,Shen Xuan,How will it be arranged??
can only say,No one knows now,Can only wait to see,Moreover。
And just as a light is still secretly thinking,not far away,A voice sounds。
“Who said,Have to wait?”
This sound,Not someone else,It is Shen Xuan。
And with Shen Xuan’s export,It’s even right away.,More touch。
After all, now,this matter,They are completely,Not expected。
slowly,As in front of him, these people watched this side.。
no doubt,For the current thing。
In fact, Shen Xuan looks like,These Warriors,They want to have a lot。
But now,Shen Xuan is very wanting to say,Imagination and reality,Still there is a huge http://www.scdxlj.cn difference。
“Don’t wait for it,Just do this continue to develop。”

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