Emperor looks in the eyes,Heart is soaked,Just argue,To praise your mournful writing best,All put it here?!

Outside the house,The emperor listened to the house,Everything is facial,Yang Tian laughed and opened the guard。
Emperor,The new emperor is in the escost,The guards don’t dare to stop,Lowbow stands next to it is not。
“Hahaha,The name of the old things wrote?”
“Zhao University,Be in this hall,Be sure to,Yes or no,You promised me。”
“Lee people,Who doesn’t matter,I have already worshiped the Balance.。”
A group of emperors rushed into the house,Look at the probe,There is blood in bed,Take another case,Home dead ghost,Scared wow。
http://www.nastsdzsw.cn “Father,You are a ghost?”
“You are not dead.!”
More ruthless since ancient times,Father is not dead,Laugh,Father and filial piety。
The emperor is very clear.,Because he is also such a person,Visible this love this scene,Still inevitably sorrowful,Let the guards take him rushing royal whip,Picking a group of dog son screams。
Really smoked。
Ten years,Sufficient of his batch of Emperor’s growing adult,In this way,These dog sons are dead or not.。
Yan Biansia listened to the scream,Put a little,Raise your hand and pull your ears:“This ghost crying wolf,Earth on the old road is shocked。”
Finish,He saw Liao Jie frowned,Ask my heart:“What do you want jade?,I am trying to change my emperor to change myself.?”
“Do the emperor and tired,Turn on the license,I will be stunned after death.,I http://www.ccxingxing.cn don’t think I can’t open the emperor.?”Liao Jie dismissed。
“Then what do you want to do??”
“Human filth is too long,Just like the old emperor,Sick in the bones,I want to change my day again.,I only depend on my own strength.,Mainly risks too big,To take advantage of this。”Liao Jie explained。
“how do I say this?”
Yan Bixia heart is slightly guessed,Let Liao Jie said。
“Shanchuan spirit、Chartered air transport,This is the land among the three people、People and,Although there is contamination,Although the champion,But the potential has not been dispersed”
“I can temporarily,Juqi Tiandi’s strength,Can you change the heavens。”
Yan Chi, wide eyes:“you,You have to cut a day?!”
“Not dare。”
Liao Jie shook his head,Look at the sky:“The poor road is her pulse,She is only http://www.chuauto.cn sick,A stormy medicine is just fine。”
Chapter 512 Vow to do a time manager
“These two years,Where have you cultivated?,Or”
Learning Liao Jie said,Yan Chixia is solemn,I feel that I have completely don’t know him.:“You tell me honestly,Are you the same as the old road?,Still God can reincarnate,The lower world is only chaotic in a flat world.?”

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