A slight http://www.tiansilang.cn sound,A high-intensity tear gas out,Turn followed by slap。

Three tears have no unexpected fall in the crowd,Sprinkle,Turn it back。
“Protect the boss and lady。”
Charlie,Nowadays drink,Closed breathing,Use your own strong body,I suddenly put the Garce to the ground.。
The rest of the bodyguards is not slow,Another one person protects Alice,The rest of the bodyguard is quickly forwarded,Try to break through the area of tear bomb。
“call out。”
However,Several bodyguards just appeared from smoke,Welcome to them is Ivanov and two guns。
Unhappy,The bodyguard has been played.,All is killed in a moment。
“God master?Can die in my Ivanov hand,Is your honor。”
Ivanov cruelful,Connected trigger,There are two people in the bloody,Rotate back。
Self-http://www.chadegushi.cnended,He didn’t think about the goal。
He is very clear that the power of high-intensity tear gas bodies,Even god master,I still can’t hold it.。
at the same time。
Summer one pedestrian has already become a pot of porridge,Just when the tear is effective,The mercenary group that has already lurked early in the highlands shot against the smoke.。
“Don’t worry,go back!”
Summer shouted in the smoke,The deputy chief of the Sun coughing is quickly retracted。
And the Thunder clauses the field of the field,Tightly follow。
“咻咻 咻咻……”
Two people appeared,I ushered in a bullet。
After listening to the sound,Two bodyguards also followed back,But I didn’t expect it.,They have just been hit,Casually called in the ground。
One time,On the mountain road of this curved curvature,Gunshot,Bullets fly,Various http://www.yiweishenghuo.cn scrapes exclaimed。
Summer figure,Fladder,Foot stone brick,He reminded him,Thunder, the dean of the field rolls。
But he found,Sniper does not shoot yourself。
on the contrary,When the summer is out of summer,Almost all bullets are shot towards his direction。
Summer is naturally spotted,Bother,Put the deputy chief of Sun on a big stone,And then pull forward。
Thunder naturally know what summer is going to do,Loudly remind,At the same time, the dean of the field came to the back of the stone.,Quickly curled up。
He already understands,These people are not targeting Gard。

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