Sichuan Leshan City Tourism Promotion Campaign enters Tokyo, Japan

After signing the cooperation agreement with the Japanese Tourism Association, Leshan Tourism Association, the Sino-Japanese Guest House, the Sino-Japanese Games, the People’s Network, Tokyo July 21 (Xu Yongxin) On the afternoon of July 20, China Leshan Tourism Global Marketing Promotion will be held in Tokyo, Japan. Zhang Wei, deputy secretary of Leshan Municipal Committee, Sichuan, attended the promotion meeting and delivered a speech.

Japan’s general community legal person, Japan Tourism Association, the person in charge of the Japanese Tourism Association, Director Wang Wei, director of the National Tourism Administration Office in Japan, attends the promotion meeting and delivered speeches, Japanese Tourism Association, Japan Key Traveler, International Airlines and Leshan City The Tourism Sports Committee, Leshan City, and more than 100 people, such as the Overseas Chinese Bureau, and Leshan Municipal Bureau of Commerce participated in the promotion meeting. Zhang Wei, mayor of Leshan City, introduced the speech that Leshan traffic is convenient, the tourism resources are rich, and the business environment is superior. It is an open-inclusive city, and Japan has long maintained frequently friendly economic and trade cultural tourism exchange cooperation.

Leshan Great Wenhao Guo Moruo has learned and work in Japan, laid a good foundation for Leshan and Japanese friendly exchanges.

Zhang Wei introduced that Leshan is deepening the open strategy of the external opening, the city is targeting high quality development, relying on its own advantages and development positioning, insisting on the development of the tourism leading industry, building the world’s important tourist destination.

Leshan has built an important platform for the Sichuan International Tourism Expo. It has established a friendly cooperative relationship with 36 domestic and foreign cities. It has established friendly exchanges and trade relations with nearly 110 countries and regions. Sincerely look forward to being more in Japan. Wide fields, deeper, higher levels, and further enhance the cooperation of both parties in cultural tourism and commerce and other industries, and write both parties to win a new chapter. Zhang Wei also invites the Japanese tourism industry to participate in the 5th Sichuan International Tourism Expo of Leshan Emei City on September 7. When the Leaf letter said, he held a tourism promotion meeting in Tokyo, he called on the Japanese Tourism Association, and the travel business should vigorously promote the promotion of beautiful Leshan Tourism and city image. Chibairen pointed out that there were thousands of Japanese people to visit Leshan Tourism, and the Emei Mountain of Leshan Big Buddha and Xiong Shijun.

The Japanese Tourism Association is willing to maintain long-term deep cooperation with Leshan, further expand its cooperation space in terms of tourism information sharing, source and delivery, and form a good situation of mutual benefit. Wang Wei, Director Wang Wei, director of the National Tourism Administration in Japan, talked about that today, please remember the words "Landscape Buddha, Leshan". Leshan is a secret secret. There are two world heritage, which is related to Buddhism, in which Leshan Buddha is one of the world’s largest Buddha statues, and Emei Mountain is a Buddhist Holy Land.

Leshan people Jie Linger, born with Historical and cultural celebrities such as Guo Moruo, I hope everyone can travel to Leshan, and promote Leshan tourism goods.

At the promotion, the deputy secretary general of Leshan Tourism Association, Yu Wenshao, member of Leshan Leshui International Travel Service, was introduced to Leshan Tourism Products. He introduced you to the geographical location and transportation means of Leshan. He focused on the meditation Buddha, which has long been happy, introduced Buddhist cultural tourism products and famous local snacks in Leshan. Leshan City also showed an art show such as Emei Tea, Emei Wushu, and Sichuan Opera. The Japanese actor staged Japanese dance, and these literary programs won the audience’s warm applause.

At the beginning of the promotion, Leshan City Travel Agency has signed a cooperation agreement with the Japanese Tourism Association.

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