"13th Five-Year Plan" Tour, the comprehensive strength of the Shanshan, the science and technology innovation boosts the economic high quality development

The industrial structure is further optimized and implemented by the historic transformation of "three or one" to "three two". "3 + 3 + N" modern industry system is gradually forming, "4 + 2" industrial promotion system is constantly improving, planning to build a new energy automobile science and technology industry park and successfully ranked among the high-end parks in Weihai. Actively integrated into the "1 + 4 + N" innovation platform system of Weihai City, accelerating the construction of enterprise innovation capacity, innovative and developing is significantly increased, high-tech industrial output value is more than 35%, more than 35% of industrial output value, than "12th Five-Year" Improve 12 percentage points, accumulated 2 national-level corporate innovation platforms, 28 provincial-level enterprise innovation platforms. Continue to expand the opening of the outside world, actively integrate into the construction of "all the way", and the economic development zone won the export base of Shandong service trading characteristics. Technology innovation boosts the "13th Five-Year Plan" period of economic high-quality development, and the in-depth implementation of new development concepts and innovative drive development strategies, the innovative platform system is further improved, and the innovative entrepreneurial atmosphere has significant improvement. Enterprises with R & D activities in the city have reached more than 30%, and high-tech industrial output ratio accounts for 35%, and there are 87 innovative platforms such as Wehai-level innovation platform such as the new key laboratory and enterprise technology centers.

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