"Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Winter Disabled Association Epidemic Prevention Manual" (first edition) released

Original title: "Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Winter Disabled Association Epidemic Handbook" (first edition) Released this newspaper (Reporter Wu Dong Zhuangran) International Olympic Committee, International Disabled Olympic Committee and Beijing Winter Olympics Yesterday, I published the first version of the "Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Winter Disabled Association Eprecision Handbook" (referred to as "Epidemic Presentation Manual").

  The Epidemic Prevention Manual is a key document that ensures smoothly held a smooth host of the Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Disabling Association. It is also an epidemic prevention criterion that needs to be followed by all stakeholders. "Epidemic Handbook" is divided into two, one applies to athletes and failed officials, and the other is suitable for all other stakeholders, will go to China and arrive at China, participate in the Winter Olympics and Winter Disabled Olympics and leave Beijing. Comprehensive guidance. Han Zirong, the full-time vice chairman of the Beijing Winter Olympics Committee, the Secretary-General, said: "Beijing Winter Olympics Committee welcomes the participants of the athletes and all interests of the relevant parties to participate in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Disabled.

After three parties fully negotiated and widely discussed, the first edition "Epidemic Prevention Manual" was jointly established. The formulation of the manual is an embodiment of all parties.

The manual adheres to the participation of participants and the Chinese public security and health in the primary position, fully borrowing the experience of other large sports events in the world, combining China’s epidemic prevention policy. I hope that all parties can comply with and implement them together to show a simple, safe and wonderful Olympic event for the world. Huang Chun, deputy director of the Epidemic Prevention and Control Office of Beijing Winter Olympics, said that in the development of "Epidemic Prevention Manual", the Beijing Winter Olympics Organization Committee mainly considers six principles.

"One is to simplify the competition, minimize the universal activities and links, especially the size of the person; the second is to persist in vaccination; three is to persist in closed-loop management; fourth is to persist in effective disposal, once found out the epidemic, scientific and timely disposal; The fifth is to persist in prevention and control and integrate the Epidemic prevention and control of the Winter Olympics to ensure the prevention and control system of the host city, ensure the event and urban safety; six is ??to persist in integration, while strict implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures, athletes are centered , Taking into account the needs of all parties, enhances the participating experience, and creates good conditions.

Wang Qi, deputy director of the Public Health Department of Beijing Winter Olympics Committee, believes that the "Epidemic Handbook" is more like a "instructions for participating in the competition". "It tells all to participate in the Winter Olympics and Winter Disabled Olympics People, what should I come, what kind of situation is coming, which materials need to be prepared, and what kind of code of conduct should be followed during the closet.

"The Epidemic Prevention Manual" pointed out that the Beijing Winter Olympics and the Winter Disabled Olympics participating athletes were "should be connected", which encouraged and promoted all athletes inoculated vaccine. Vaccine athletes, a small number of athletes and followers Team officials can enter the closed-loop after entering the country. Other people perform "two choices" policies, the first 14 days of China will complete the vaccination inoculum, directly enter the closed-loop management after entering the country; not inoculated or not completed, after entering Carry out 21 days to concentrate on observation.

  The "Epidemic Handbook" introduces that Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Disabled Olympics will implement closed-loop management policies, covering all Wedong Olympics such as depreciation, transportation, accommodation, catering, competition, opening and closing ceremony.

"The so-called closed loop is actually the space we design according to the activity trajectory of the entry staff, which may be some part of the venue or the entire venue.

These venues are connected through the vehicle, forming a zone, we are called closed loop, which is separate from the social level.

In closed loop, all personnel will only act within a particular space involved in the Winter Olympics, participate in relevant activities such as their training, competitions and work.

At the same time, the necessary work needs in the closed-loop will be met, such as athletes participate in training competitions, the media reporters’ interviews on the event are unaffected.

"Wang Qi said.

  It is understood that the Second Edition "Epidemic Handbook" is scheduled to be released at the end of this year.

"The Second Edition" Epidemic Handbook "will add more details on the basis of the first edition. At the same time, consider the situation of global epidemics, according to China’s prevention and control requirements, refer to relevant epidemic prevention policies in various countries, continuous analysis Research judgment, risk assessment, making some adjustments to prevention and control measures, and finally form a complete "epidemic prevention manual".

"Huang Chun said. (Editor: Bao Congying, Gao Xing) Sharing let more people see.

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