"Zhi" respects the most beautiful "benefit"

People’s Network Hangzhou December 3 (Fang Peng Meng) December 5th is the 36th International Volunteer Day, and it is also an important period of time in Hangzhou to meet the Asian Games. In order to showcase the "National Volunteer" and excellent volunteers to show the "National Asian Games", "Zhi" respect this morning, "Yi" "International Volunteer Day and Hangzhou" Welcome Asian Games Civilization Tree New Wind "Volunteer Service Lei Feng Square Theme Day event was held.

The representative of nearly 100 years of excellent volunteers, volunteer service teams, and volunteer service base sites are unveiled.

Hangzhou volunteer service is deep, in the provinces, volunteer, volunteer service, volunteer service, volunteer service, etc., are in the forefront of the province.

From the country’s first "smile pavilion", it is spread throughout the city, the civilized practice of the city, the village’s civilization (station); from the rival of the rushing, the water droplets, Linping Dolphin emergency rescue team, to self-rescue Express brother; from theory to preach volunteers, to "Liangzhu Cultural Volunteers"; from the over-the-year-old people to help the blue vest, the green vest of the nature education of the minor, a number of volunteer services called Brand, in the brushing of Hangzhou civilization, showing Hangzhou unique charm, tailoring the most beautiful stories in Hangzhou, play a positive role. Volunteer service is an important way to inspect the level of modern social civilization. It is an important way to build a harmonious society.

It is reported that in 2022, Hangzhou will be based on the "China New Era · Hangzhou New Asian Games", with the principle of organizing mobilization, social operation, specializing services, and mass development, further improve the urban volunteer organization system, setting up city volunteer service point. Bit, expand the city volunteer team, extensively carry out "civilization", "civilized dining", "civilized dining", "civilization", etc. "Civilization Etiquette", "Civilization Etiquette", etc. "Civilization Etiquette", "civilized etiquette", etc., to the world’s civilized image.

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