Yiyang Datonghu District: Party Construction Leading, Helping Ecological Environmental Protection

People’s Network Changsha November 18th, "Comrade, you can’t do it, according to the relevant regulations, you can only take one hook one person, please consciously leave the rod." "Comrades, please work together to take the embankment White garbage cleansing. "On November 18, the party committee and young volunteers organized 14 party members and young volunteers in Yichanghu District, came to Dongting Lake East, and fully launched" Ecological Environmental Protection Action ".

Beibei Town is close to Dongting Lake, there are nearly 5 km walking along the jurisdiction along the Great Lake. In recent days, the weather is fine, and there are more people who come to fish watching. To this end, "Ecological Environmental Action has I am" the "ecological environmental protection action in" theme party day activities, clearly stipulates that every party member and youth active molecules must go to the bank Inspected persuasion. "At the beginning, many fists did not cooperate, I think we are multi-tube.

But despite this, we are still bitter, reasonable, saying policies, putting facts, patiently doing work, and leading fishing to safely fishing.

"After 80, the party members Chen Zheng said that although she worked hard, she looked at the order, clean and tidy the embankment, with a full sense of accomplishment.

In the event, party members and volunteers were divided into several groups, and on the one hand, the garbage of the embankment was cleaned up, and on the one hand, the phishing and tourists conducted environmental knowledge and persuasion.

After nearly three hours of hard work, it has been cleaned up about 100 kilograms, and the persuasion of 6 garbage people, and successfully advised 23 fishermen and clean up more than 450 meters of rivers. (Xu Gang Yu Shuai) (Editor: Tang Li Wei, Luo Shuai) Sharing let more people see client downloads.

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