Xining City West District: Healthy Xining Welfare Sharing Interests, I am involved

Xining City West District Committee Propaganda Department is awarded to promote the implementation of "Xining City Controlling Smoking Regulations", and improve the understanding of smoking hazards, protect and care for non-smoking people, and create a strong creation of smoke-free units and civilized cities. Promotional atmosphere.

On the afternoon of May 28, the Shengwei Association of Wish Association, the Xining City Affiliated Administration, the Sino-West District Government, Chengxi District Aiwei Association, jointly hosted by the Health Xining Tobacco Tobacco Special Action Ceremony and the 34th World No Tobacco Day Theme Promotion Campaign Koven in Xinning Square. Qinghai Provincial Health and Health Committee Second-level inspector Hu Jingui, Xining Municipal Government Deputy Secretary-General Ma Shutong and Provincial City Related Leaders participated in the event, and the event was hosted by Li Anqi, deputy director of the Municipal Guodi University. The event conducted five agenda: First, the propaganda of the control volunteers; the second is to speak by the representative of the control law and control law; the third is the list of "smoke-smoke" representatives of Qinghai Province in 2021; The on-site leaders got a representative of the first batch of smoke-free party and government demonstration units in Xining.

The activities are mainly carried out by issuance of publicity materials, exhibition board propaganda, health consultation. At the same time, give the public for free diagnosis, and blood pressure.

At the same time, the members of the district Aiwei will also actively carry out control activities to publicize the importance and necessity of publicize the cigarettes in the form of a measures.

The general trade union, district group committee, and district women’s party also give full play to the respective advantages to actively participate in cadres and employees, young volunteers, women and children to actively participate in the control of cigarettes, carry out smoking activities of public places, and call on the majority of cadres and workers to launch smoking cessation activities to create health In order to rely on the active discouragement of the family to quit smoking, the family further improve the enthusiasm of the public to participate in the control of smoking cessation, and continuously improve the influence of patriotic health work, create a strong national control tobacco atmosphere, to meet the people’s 100-year-old birthday with health, civilization, and health. It is reported that there are more than 3,000 publicity materials, and more than 120 exhibition boards are placed, and nearly 40 suspensions. The enthusiasm of the masses participated in the patriotic health movement has enhanced the health awareness of the masses, creating civilized, clean, beautiful, and good public smoke-free environments, creating a health, cleaning, smoke-free society. (Source: Xining City Chengxi District Committee Propaganda Department) (Editor: Ma Jianhui, Ganhai Qiong).

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