"Steel Dise" opens the "medical treatment" in winter steel

Rail tabs that are working.邬 凡 摄 摄 网 兰 兰 兰 电 电 消 局 局 局 局 局 局 局 局 入 入 潮 潮 潮 入 入 入 入 入 入 入 入 入 入 入 入 入 入 入 入 入 防 入 入 入 防 防 防 防 入 入 入 防 防 防 防The big line remediation is for high iron lines, and both cables are fully "diagnosis."

It is understood that this round of imperative operation is the first time, the Lanzhou Railway Bureau uses the rail anti-trailer to replace periodicity detection of existing lines. According to Zhang Zhijun, the director of the Rail-Rail Toothway Template of the Lanzhou Works, the rail inspection is a fine operation. The detection vehicle uses ultrasonic flaw detection in driving, not only fast, and the measurement is high, can effectively detect the actual state of rails, and improve the detection efficiency of artificial car Nearly 30 times.

At 7:00 on November 10, with the rogue sound of the fire, the 251 kilometers of rail flaw detection was officially started. The leader of the railway exploration workshop Construction, Cui Jun army and long-term Zhang Yongyuan standing in front of the front of the head, before the inspection desk, the inspector immediately stared at the display screen.

Due to the randomness of the rail damage, the inspector must close the oscilloscope in the operation. According to the waveform display and outlet conditions, the data plays will collect data, and record it at any time.

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