Guangdong issued the country’s first public data asset voucher

  (Original title) The electricity data can also be used to apply for a loan in Guangdong to issue a national first public data asset credentials. Can I apply for a loan? Guangdong Province Data Elements Marketing Configuration Reform Leading First! On the morning of October 16th, the Guangdong Province Data Assets Credential Launch Activity and the first public data asset voucher press conference was held in Guangzhou and released the first public data asset credentials in the country. The national first public data asset credentials released on the event were launched and were used in the business credit scene.

  Foshan and Yi Metal Products Co., Ltd. is "the first to eat crabs" enterprises that use the "Guangdong Business" platform to fell loans to the Agricultural Bank of Guangdong Province, the electricity data has been used as a certain period of time. Conditions for applying for loans.

It is different from the past mortgage or credit loans, and the relevant data is provided by the Guangdong Power Grid Corporation Authority.

Specifically, the Agricultural Bank Guangdong Branch as a data demand unit, under the premise of obtaining the authorization of Foshan and the Metal Products Co., Ltd., to apply for electricity data to Guangdong Power Grid, according to this application credit enterprise, credit limit Audit, loan interest rate approved, and after the loan. Provincial Government Service Data Management Bureau uses the base capabilities of block chain technology to ensure platform authority, loan product formal, and apply for real, data use compliance.

Digital Guangdong Company fully utilizes the core technical advantages, providing strong support for public data asset credentials. According to reports, the true value of public data credentials is that the support is transferred, widely used.

Guangdong is positively promoting this reform, selecting a conditional city to further expand the application scenario cover, and strive to promote public data over assessment of public data in the province by the end of this year. At the same time, actively explore the improvement of the theoretical system, technical system and system system, carry out the technology and theoretical research of survival chain, digital space, and further promote social data asset management, help Guangdong digital economic innovation and development, excitation Guangdong Hong Kong, Macau Bay District Economic growth new kinetic energy. (Guangzhou Daily Full Media Reporter Huang Qing).

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