Double 6 gas storage library expanded the production project officially put into production

  On the morning of the 12th, accompanied the cold wind of whistling, China Petroleum Liaohe Oilfield Shuangtai Gas Collection – Double 6 gas storage library expanded the pre-production project officially ventilated production. After the project is put into production, it will become the largest gas storage library in China. The amount of natural gas will be doubled on the basis of the year. .

  Liaohe gas storage group is one of China’s oil in the six major gas storage centers in the country, which is responsible for the northeast and Beijing-Tianjin-Hezhi area of ??natural gas season peak mission, to adjust my country’s energy structure, promote energy conservation and emission reduction, and should address climate change. Gas air safety and national strategic reserves have significant social significance and strategic significance. The double 6 gas storage library expansion of this production is an important part of the "14th Five-Year Plan" Planning Project Liaohe Gastroenterology. Liaohe gas storage group is designed and built 7 storage gas libraries and has been put into production.

Since 2016, the first round of breath has been accumulated by 5 billion cubic meters, and the coal of the same combustion value is reduced to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, which is equivalent to planting the broad Ye Lin ye.

  Double 6 gas storage library expansion of the progenial roof from August 1, 2020, is a fully independent design, autonomous storage gas storage, domestic chemical rate of more than 90%.

After the project is officially put into production, the highest peak daily gas can meet 30 million families a day of gas demand, or meet 500,000 taxi or 1 million gas buses a day of gas supply. (Reporter Bai Yongquan) +1.

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