Hu Deping: High Quality Construction Long Triangle Green Agricultural Products Base

Deputy Secretary-General of Xuancheng City, Anhui Province, the party secretary of Xuancheng Rural Revitalization Bureau, and Director Hook attended the round table dialogue. People’s Daily, Wu Mingjiang photo Hu Deping, Xuancheng City is a farmer market near Shanghai, Shanghai, has a wealth of high quality, specialty agricultural products. In May 2020, Xuancheng signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shanghai, relying on the strategic platform such as Nanjing, Hangzhou Metropolitan Circle, and expands production and sales cooperation, and promotes leisure agriculture and rural tourism, strengthening agricultural science and technology exchange. Cooperation and other aspects are deepened to jointly do a good job in the work of agricultural rural development cooperation and win-win.

One is based on the characteristic endowment, the industrial layout regionalization. Based on the high-quality integrated development goals, introduce the relevant programs, focus on the development of high-quality grain and oil, ecological poultry, Lind products and healthy aquatic products, and strive to create a long-term green agricultural product production and processing supply base, forming a distinctive regionalization layout. Xuancheng poultry breeding scale is nearly 200 million, the area of ??grain planting is 32.7 million, the mountain walnut plant is 600,000 mu, the tea garden is 430,000 mu, the Chinese herbal medicine is 120,000 mu, the aquaculture is 430,000 mu, the city is sold to Husu, Zhejiang, Zhejiang The agricultural product is about 422 billion yuan, which has enriched the "vegetable basket" "rice bag" "rice bag" of the Shanghai Zhejiang citizens, and also driven the construction of agricultural production bases in the urban agricultural products. The second is to cultivate the company’s leading and industrial development. Adhere to the development concept of the whole industry chain, cultivate, due to enterprises, actively guiding talents, capital, and technology, etc., forming the "leading enterprise" and "Eagle Enterprise" and "Eagle Enterprise" of the Green Food Industry Development pattern.

306 agricultural product processing enterprises above the city, including 90 of the main business income billions, forming a large-scale dragonhead, and industrial ecology with a small-capped small business.

The third is to broaden the docking channels and diversified. Actively carry out investment promotion, promote the construction and development of cooperation areas, and form an industrialization complex. Xuancheng has a year with billion poultry every year, accounting for 70% of the annual output. Use the series of various platforms such as the series of famous farm products and agricultural industrialization trading fairs, to expand sales channels, polish "gold medal sign".

The fourth is to cultivate the promotion of promotion, product improvement brand.

Continue to create a large brand of "Ecological Xuancheng Green Product", focus on cultivating Xuanzhou Chicken, Shuiyang River Crab, Langxi Huang Tea and other regional public brands.

At present, the city’s agricultural enterprises have 65 famous name-up agricultural products; more than 3,000 registered trademarks, including 135 famous trademarks, 8 well-known trademarks. The fifth is the support of the innovation system and the system of industrial service.

Xuancheng arranged special funds every year to form an agricultural financing guarantee company.

Fully implement various support policies and tax preferential policies, and strengthen elements guarantees. Focusing on cultivating the "small product big industry", smooth industry innovation chain, talent chain, capital chain, guiding leading enterprises with scientific research institutions.

Innovate implementation "chain long system", according to the "one industrial chain, an action plan, a job specialty, a fund, a consultation, a wisdom, an assessment method" model, and the development of agricultural characteristics industry chain development. (Editor: Wu Mingjiang, Huang Wei) Sharing let more people see client downloads.

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