During the compulsory education stage of Guiyang, the school realizes the "civil transfer public"

On March 7, the unveiling ceremony of the temporary teaching site of Guiyang Wild Duck Middle School and Guiyang Wild Duck Elementary School was held at Fenghang School of Yunyan District, Guiyang City, marking that Fenghang School will integrate into public schools through diversion.

This is also another compulsory education school from private runs to publicly -run from Guiyang. According to the relevant person in charge of the Yunyan District Education Bureau, Fenghang School is the second private compulsory education school in Yunyan District. In the process of promoting the deep and practical process of the "civil transfer", Yunyan District first fully tapped the existing public school’s existing degrees, and provided all the free degree to the private schools in the jurisdiction.

Secondly, the common characteristics of the region are used to divert students to other areas with sufficient free degree. Finally, it is the integration of school -run resources, suspend some high schools, and turn zero to complete, integrate it into a school to run, and leave the degree to ensure the diversion of private schools during the compulsory education stage.

In addition, four private schools such as Guiyang School of Beijing Foreign Languages ??University, Peiwen School of Guanshan Lake District, Guanshan Lake District, and China Railway Real Estate China, Guanshan Lake District also realized the "civil transfer public" earlier. How to ensure the steady advancement of "people to the public"? The Education Bureau of Guanshan Lake District has carefully arranged, researched and judged, and combined with the actual situation of each school, it promoted the "civil transfer public". Among them, in response to the Guiyang School affiliated to Beijing Foreign Studies University, the Education Bureau of Guanshan Lake District adopted a complete repurchase method, and the other three schools adopted the method of commissioning school to promote the school to successfully realize the "civil transfer". The arrangement of teachers in private schools is the key difficulty of the reform of the "civil transfer". Yunyan District has a teacher with teachers, professional counterparts and experienced teachers for private schools. Under the same conditions, priority is given to public schools in the form of third -party dispatch. For teachers who do not have teachers in private schools, the human -social department and the personnel department organize training to ensure that the teacher holds a certificate. Teachers who fail to meet the requirements of teachers in the jurisdiction are employed. Guanshan Lake District organized a unified organization of coordinating arrangements for the complete repurchase of private schools. The school entrusted to run the school remains unchanged to ensure that the school transitions smoothly and smoothly. As of the end of 2021, there were 182 private compulsory education schools in Guiyang. According to the national, provincial, and municipalities on the organizational or participating in public compulsory education schools, the Municipal Education Bureau continued to expand public compulsory education resources and implemented compulsory education. At the stage, the public school plan is planned to improve the government purchase degree management measures, and ensure that compulsory education degrees are mainly provided by public schools and government purchases; actively promote the reform of private education classification management, implement the classification and support policies of private schools; standardize compulsory education enrollment and other measures. Actively promote the special work of standardizing the development of private compulsory education. This year, the Guiyang Education Bureau will further implement the requirements of private compulsory education students’ "only reduced" requirements, and realize that the proportion of civil compulsory education in the pre -2022 decreases to the scope of the regulatory scope of the proportion of school students, ensure the public welfare of compulsory education, promote the obligations of obligations Education high -quality balanced development.

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