Beijing Dongcheng set up a vaccine propaganda point to write a signal to call Grandpa grandparents to get vaccines

People’s Daily Online, Beijing, April 11th (Chi Mengrui) The current situation of new crown pneumonia is severe and complicated. Inoculation of new crown virus vaccines is one of the effective means of preventing personal infection in the world. In particular, it has a good protective effect on reducing intensiveness and critical illness. Essence

At present, the city’s vaccination work is carried out in an orderly manner. Especially in terms of helping the elderly in vaccination, all districts in the city are exploring the people’s warmth. In Dongcheng District, the small social workers of the "Chao Youth" of Chaoyangmen Street also joined the propaganda to write a letter for grandparents to help everyone recognize the necessity of vaccination, and call on more elderly people to vaccinate the new crown virus vaccine. On April 10, the small social worker service team of the "Chao Youth" of Chaoyangmen Street launched a promotional activity of vaccination for the elderly in the area.

"Tide Juvenile" small social workers wrote a letter to their grandparents in the district through their own understanding of the necessity of vaccination with the new crown vaccine, "Hello dear grandparents, you, you want to ask you all all of them. Is it vaccine? Although the vaccine is a bit painful, it is still necessary. "The children used the tender brushstrokes and simple words to call on them to perform vaccination in time to establish a solid immune barrier. During the period, some elderly people passed by from time to time, and the children were installed in envelopes and handed them to the elderly.

Many elderly friends think that they do not go out often, so they will not infect the new coronal virus.

However, the elderly are often accompanied by chronic basic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, and coronary heart disease, and their immunity is relatively weak. With the popularity of Omikon’s mutation, because of its faster transmission and more hidden characteristics, the risk of infection with the new coronary virus infection is greater. Research and large -scale vaccination data show that the new crown vaccine can effectively prevent infection and significantly reduce severe crisis.

The elderly must not only vaccinate the two doses of the second -time vaccine as soon as possible, but also strengthen the immunity in time after completing two doses of the two -dose of vaccine for six months to obtain better protection results. Vaccination is very meaningful and valuable for the elderly, especially the elderly. Regarding statistics, the adverse reaction rate of the elderly who vaccinated the new coronal virus vaccine was slightly lower than that of young people.

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