The Jinan Judicial Bureau held a meeting of the party committee (enlarged)

Sun Delong pointed out that General Secretary Xi Jinping has delivered six important speeches in the opening of the Chinese Youth Class since 2019. The city’s judicial administrative system must thoroughly study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech, and effectively unify the thinking and action to the Party Central Committee. The decision -making deployment of the construction of young cadre teams is strived to do a good job in the training of young cadres in the system.

It is necessary to strengthen political loyalty, conduct in -depth education for party loyalty, and guide young cadres to continuously improve their political judgment, political understanding, and political execution.

It is necessary to strengthen theoretical armed forces, make good use of the "Scholarship Lecture Hall" platform, adhere to and improve the system of young theoretical learning group, and grasp youth theoretical learning. It is necessary to improve quality and ability, innovate various business training, high -level training, and focus on improving the level of comprehensive quality of young cadres.

It is necessary to strengthen positive incentives, improve the mechanism of evaluating the first tree, and continue to push a group of "youth examples". It is necessary to strictly supervise and manage, persist in building a style, and guide young cadres to do their best to be public, righteous, and not dyed. Sun Delong emphasized that the city’s judicial administrative system must deeply understand the significance of the "five ways of must", support the "two establishments" with actual actions, further enhance the "four consciousness", strengthen the "four self -confidences", and achieve "two two" maintain". It is necessary to closely integrate the spirit of General Secretary Jinping’s important speech with the development of judicial administration, and closely focus on the overall economic and social development of the city, and to do a good job of legislation, law enforcement, judicial, universal law, and public legal services. The construction of the provincial capital of the times to contributes to the rule of law.

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