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[Abstract] In order to further promote the construction of the school -based teaching and research system in our province, give full play to the leading and radiation role of the team of outstanding discipline teachers and the team of outstanding teaching and scientific researchers, and actively build the inter -school discipline education and research platform, and strive to create "subject education" and "depth of depth" and "depth Learning "enables the discipline teaching form and promote the professional growth of teachers. In 2021, the Shaanxi Provincial Institute of Education and Sciences organized the first selection of high -quality teaching bases and kindergarten high -quality teaching and research bases for primary and secondary schools in Shaanxi Province. In order to further promote the construction of the school -based teaching and research system in our province, give full play to the leading and radiation role of the team of outstanding disciplines and the team of outstanding teaching and scientific researchers, actively build the inter -school discipline education and research platform The disciplinary teaching form of the ability to promote teachers’ professional growth. In 2021, the Shaanxi Provincial Institute of Education and Sciences organized the first selection of high -quality teaching bases and kindergarten high -quality teaching and research bases in Shaanxi Province. After actively submitting the teaching and research departments at all levels of the province, the Provincial Academy of Education organized experts through preliminary evaluation and review, and the review committees determined and publicized procedures to evaluate the first high -quality teaching bases and kindergarten high -quality teaching and research bases in Shaanxi Province. In order to better realize the exchanges and sharing of high -quality resource, the Provincial Academy of Education and the China Business Network will display the teaching and scientific research experience of the high -quality bases in the high -quality base. Picking the beauty and picking Fang, and the same way -Yulin Experimental Primary School Chinese Science and Education Research Experience I. The Eye Eye Picking Beauty, the image of the tree teacher has 40 teachers, including 2 provincial discipline leaders, 5 senior teachers, 5 senior teachers , Provincial and municipal teaching experts with 7 people, with an average age of 40 years, a reasonable age structure, old teachers with rich teaching experience and impressive grades, middle -aged teachers with strong discipline research ability, and young teachers who have humbly and motivated young teachers. Essence Members of the whole group respect each other, help each other, have high work enthusiasm, have good quality of teacher ethics, have clear work goals and pioneering spirit, actively participate in education and teaching reform and practice, learn modern education theory, master modern education technology, rigorous Governance is a high quality and strong Chinese teaching and research team.

2. Disciplinary planning In -depth development In accordance with the requirements of the reform of the new curriculum and the actual situation of Chinese education in our school, we have completed the "one -bedroom and two corridors" reading management system, teaching and research activities management system, collective lesson preparation management system, and boutique courses for business. Management system, research management system, class management system, young teacher and apprenticeship training system, student Chinese practice activities management system, etc., have been implemented carefully in practice to ensure the normalization and system of Chinese discipline construction. It has promoted the comprehensive development of students, improved the professional literacy of teachers, and made certain results for further promoting the reform of the new curriculum. Third, and to sharpen, seek professional growth schools to actively organize teachers to study theoretical training such as the "Outline of Basic Education Curriculum Reform" and "Chinese Curriculum Standards", carry out various forms of education theory and learning activities for teaching practice, and effectively grasp the new curriculum Training and discipline professional training, enhance the sense of urgency and responsibility of curriculum reform, enable each teacher to establish a new teaching concept, and actively participate in curriculum reform experiments. Every semester we invite experts from the provincial and foreign language disciplines to school guidance, or listening to lessons, or making special reports, or studying subject research, strive to update the concept of teachers, and enhance the professional literacy of teachers.

Organize teachers to go out for training every semester, participate in the teaching seminars or observation of famous teachers, and let teachers understand the frontier dynamics in time and continue to broaden their horizons.

Our school language science group has 2 provincial discipline leaders, 7 provincial and municipal teaching experts, and these teachers are the leaders of our Chinese disciplines. They are the mentors of young teachers. They often demonstrate in teaching and research activities at all levels and set up demonstration classes and set up. Lectures, as judges, trainers, etc., with their own personality charm and academic accomplishments, the model leads the continuous progress of the teachers of the group and pursue excellence. In recent years, our school language teaching and research team has undertaken a number of provincial -level studies. Recently, the city -level subject "Practice and Study of the Guidance of the Experimental Exercise of Primary Schools in Primary School", "Practice and Research on Research and Research on Reading Guidance in Primary School Chinese Senior Topics" Essence

These topics have been planned, the process is effective, and the topics have been summarized. In the past five years, there have been 33 provincial -level projects that have been reported by our school Chinese teachers.

All Chinese teachers actively participate in subject research, boldly conduct experiments, collect relevant information, write thesis, teaching reflection and experimental reports, successfully hold topics seminar, so that subject research is developed in the direction of science and standards.

The Chinese group focuses on the teaching and research activities on classroom teaching, and regularly organizes teachers to carry out seminar activities, and attended business courses, demonstration courses, and lectures. Backbone teachers lead the leader and take the lead. Other teachers have acted and actively carry out the "speaking, teaching, and evaluation" activities, making me group teaching and research activities. Over the past two years, we have held seminar for new textbooks and new teaching methods, special training sessions of information technology and Chinese discipline integration, special seminar for the integration of music and Chinese disciplines, observation classes, demonstration classes, special seminars, and watching high -quality video courses in the school. , Microcomputer training, sending education to the countryside, conducting business exchanges and discussions with the primary school affiliated to Shaanxi Normal University, each semester teaching and research activities are more than ten times. The development of these activities effectively and effectively enhances the teaching philosophy and professional ability of Chinese teachers in our school. V. Wisdom to pick Fang Fang, and the achievements of Chuang Faidan have been commendable and rewarded by relevant departments by teaching and scientific research results of many teachers with the efforts of all teachers of our Chinese group in recent years. Two of them received national awards; 73 people received provincial rewards; 30 people received municipal rewards. Twelve teachers were rated as advanced individuals and received commendation rewards from relevant departments.

More than 300 students won the awards in various competitions at the provincial and municipal level. The school has been commended by the relevant departments many times.

6. Cultivate the students of the students to develop the language group of the language group attaches importance to cultural people, pay attention to leading students’ Chinese learning from the perspective of big language, and allow students to feel poetic in wide reading and rich and diverse Chinese learning activities. In order to effectively implement the concept of the new curriculum and comprehensively improve students’ Chinese literacy, our school Chinese teaching and research group and the "Implementation Plan for Extraordinary Reading Extramaginal Reading Activities in Yulin Experimental Primary School" in 2012 were formulated, and they were issued "Yulin Experimental Primary School Extraordinary Book Extraordinary Bibliography" to each class. Recommended catalogs, "Parent -Child Reading Records", etc., are instructed by Chinese teachers in various classes to guide students to read extracurricular books extensively.

The school offers 1 picture book reading class every two grades a week, and a reading class is set up in grades 3-6. It is required that students usually read books carefully, accumulate, write good experience, and conduct reading practice activities, such as "parent-child reading" in the low grade. The activities such as reading competitions, reading exchanges, and results of reading results have created a good reading atmosphere and cultivated students’ reading interest.

In order to truly implement this activity, we inspect students’ extra -curricular reading in the "Three Meetings (Han Listening Conference, Poetry Conference, Idiom Conference)" in each semester. A topic, a characteristic, a brand is bigger and stronger. Our Chinese teaching and research group has made a special TV program on campus TV station, filming and producing the special TV film "Love Reading, Flying ideals" and at the school’s students and parent meetings Broadcasting, widely publicized the benefits and methods of reading.

This semester has launched the "Morning Books in the morning" activity, and starts a day of study in the sound of reading in Langlang every morning. The development of these activities has strongly mobilized the enthusiasm of teachers, parents and students.

At present, a good atmosphere of reading, Shuxiang campus has formed.

Six, and innovative ideas, discuss coexistence (1) School -based teaching and research activities are innovative.

In order to mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of teachers to participate in teaching and research activities, we focus on the practice of the previous teaching and research team leader, focusing on adopting learning methods such as self -reflection, companionship assistance, and professional leadership, so that each teacher participates in teaching and research activities.

Through discussions, exchanges, lectures and other forms, teachers have deepened the atmosphere of teaching and research from want to say, speak, and speak, and can speak.

From the comments (兴 从 从, preparation, classes), evaluation (writing experience, design activity plan, writing special summary, etc.), evaluating (observation activities, discussion activities), effectively improved the teacher’s business ability.

(2) Development of school -based courses. Our school has developed two school-based courses "Sunshine Boy-Chinese Classics" and "Interesting Picture Books". This semester will continue to develop school-based reading, and in-depth research and exploration in building a unique school-based curriculum framework. In recent years, all the teachers of all Chinese groups have worked together. With the encouragement of the spirit of the new curriculum reform, they have been making progress and hard work. The results, especially in teaching and research activities, have been boldly reforming and continuous innovation, creating results and creating characteristics.

In the future, our Chinese group will still use Mu Duo’s heart to practice. Picking the beauty and picking up, and thinking and thinking.

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