Yi Jiayi and Wang Qinglin are a little reluctant,Both of them were pursued by Emperor Lei,The three sisters of Hua Di are not qualified to bargain,Because they were forced to join the Lei family,First rescued by Yi Jiayi,Then married Lei Tianzi when his body lost his freedom。

No matter what everyone thinks,Still suppress the grievances in my heart。
Lei Tianzi and Qian Qian teleported for two days,Driving about a billion kilometers every day,Just came to the magical swamp area of the ancient sky continent。
The environment of Gutian Continent is different from other continents,About a year600Days and hours,Only winter and summer,Each season300Around the sky,Summer is still very hot,In winter, rivers will be frozen overnight,It’s the same in summer,The ice melted overnight。
The sudden cold and hot climate has created many anomalies,Such as heavy rain,Earthquake appeared on the steep mountain、landslide、Debris flow and other phenomena,There are hurricanes that even cultivators can’t resist, etc.。
The magic swamp belongs to an alluvial plain,When summer and winter meet,There will be more than 30 meters of rainfall,Upstream floods washed down,The sky will also rain heavy rain。
Such an environment,In Lei Tianzi’s opinion, it is not suitable for mortals to survive,Just wearing a cotton jacket the day before,The temperature difference in single clothes the next day will easily make people sick。
The cultivator is not afraid of sudden cold and hot changes,Even if you don’t see the sun within a year,The higher the cultivation level, the less dependent on the environment。
When he and Gan Qian came to the magic swamp, they saw many immortal cultivators moving nearby,Gan Qian was immediately angry:“Damn shop,Even released the news,so many people,Baby not enough。”
“Businessman chasing profit,They do it to make money,As for having a baby,Also get it。”Tianzi Lei did not act as angry as Qianqian,He has seen too much unfairness,Anyway, there is a baby, just grab it,Emotions will not affect the baby’s belonging。
“Rumbling——”An astonishing thunderbolt suddenly appeared above my head。
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