Lei Luojing twisted her ass,Said like a baby:“father,I just come out to play,You asked 100,000 why at once,How can i answer you?”

Tianzi Lei doesn’t have so many problems at all,But his heartache daughter,This Lei Luojing is still a pretty good person,I usually do things fairly,Is an upright and kind person,That’s good,As expected of Lei’s daughter。
The Emperor Lei made a token of the Thunder God King and gave it to Lei Luojing,Then he took the horses and rumbling away,The token handed to Lei Luojing walks sideways across Dongtianfudi, is there any problem?,Represents the identity of Emperor Lei,You can also use the token to mobilize the army of Thunder Team anytime and anywhere,Very useful。
Lu Yong watched Lei Tianzi come and go,I won’t regret it until everyone is gone,Pat the thigh and said:“Over,Why am i so stupid?When the Thor King is here, he just admires his invincible style,Don’t know go up and beg him,Joining the Thunder Team is just a word from the King of Thunder。”
“cut,Why don’t you come and beg me?”Lei Luojing rolled her eyes and said。
“What use do i beg you?”Lu Yongwu stared at the place where Lei Tianzi disappeared,Can’t even take a look at Lei Luojing。
Lei Luojing stared at Lu Yong bitterly,Thought:“If it’s not for your respect for Dad,,I will kill you,Blockhead。”
Lu Yong could not gain a foothold in the Lu family because of Lu Guanzhen’s murder,Many elders and peers of the Lu family have secretly spread their voice and yelled at Lu Yonglang.,They don’t blame Lu Guan for really deceiving men and women and turning black and white,Instead, he pushed all the errors to the victim Lu Yong.,Blame him for not knowing current affairs,Blame him for not making sacrifices for the family,But brought a stain on the family reputation。
Lei Luojing didn’t know the secret threats from the Lu family to Lu Yong,Not irritated, Lu always has eyes and no beads,Dare to look down on her,Eyeball,I found my bodyguards were all here,Scattered on the streets about ten miles away,Pretend to be a passerby or passerby,I glanced over at Lu Yong’s family from time to time,I must be very curious about Lu Yong。
Lei Luojing is still young,There is no distinction between men and women,Just feel awkward instinctively,It looks like something is wrong,She conveyed the doubts in her heart to Wang Fuan, an old guard who had lived for more than four thousand years.。
Wang Fuan snorted,Said:“Lu Yong must be threatened by the Lu family,Don’t think Lu Guanzhen is already dead,But in the hearts of the Lu family,Blood heritage is the most important,They don’t care what justice is,What is evil,Big families are basically so confused。”
Lei Luojing is furious,Then I know that things are much more complicated than I thought。
The result of her anger was to give out money on the spot,Bought ten streets near Lu Yong’s house,Hire someone to build a mansion bigger and magnificent than Lu Mansion。
What Lei Luojing did made Lu Yong stunned,At a loss,Ask Lei Luojing why he did this。
Lei Luojing asked back:“Did the Lu family threaten you??”
Lu Yong nodded silently,Did not speak,But I don’t understand how Lei Luojing knew。
Lei Luojing wrinkled her nose,Reached out and clicked on Lu Yong,Anger,Said:“I just want to let those short-sighted people see,Did something wrong,Will definitely be punished,You got it right,God is helping you。”
“Obviously you are helping me,It has nothing to do with God。”Lu Yongming right and wrong,Refused to go along with Lei Luojing’s meaning,Put the credit on the invisible and intangible heaven,But think Lei Luojing is the nobleman of his family。
Lei Luojing ignored him,But to talk to the beautiful fairy Lu Qi,Lu Qi is already the sixth stage cultivator,Due to poor family,Don’t have too many training resources,So that the progress of the cultivation realm is too slow,After Lei Luojing learned,I generously took out more than 1,000 bottles of Sanwen Qingling Pill for Lu Qi,Less than three days,Under the impetus of the spirit pill, Lu Qi has also cultivated to the state of infancy。

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