Not that kind of person?

Does she really trust me so much?
She could see through me,Think I’m a useless person who dare not cheat?
My drunkenness and tiredness made me fall asleep soon。
the next morning,I was awakened by Zhou Rui。
“Why?”I asked angrily。
She went to work early in the morning,Why woke me up。
“Zuo Zhi,The red lip print on your neck last night,What is going on?”Zhou Rui asked。
She is not angry。
“A female colleague drank too much last night,Consider me her boyfriend。”I explained calmly。
in fact,When Zhou Rui mentioned this topic,I am still very guilty。
“Nothing more?”Zhou Rui broke my chin,Let my eyes meet hers。
“Haven’t you ever thought about taking advantage of others??”
If you still change to the previous,I will swear,I only love her in this life,And let her rest assured,This will never happen again。

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