Can’t help but squeeze,Originally not enough seats,Three more places。

Twenty high school students crowded into thirteen positions,Even if I changed the round stool,Also quite crowded。
Fortunately it is a high school student,The body is much slimmer than an adult,Otherwise I can squeeze out the bean paste。
When the superstar Toria made her debut,The whole private room is boiling。
High school student,It’s the dream、The frenzy of star chasing。
I saw the little girl screaming forward,Holding small books in both hands,This is for the superstar to sign。
The male student is a little more stable,Because when facing female big stars,The originally bold male classmate turned into a reserved girl。
Just reserved,Are holding their phones aloft,Camera、Full camera function。
Think about it and get excited,Can eat with big stars,This will be posted in the circle of friends,It’s not a big face!
Facing avid high school fans,Toria smiled and nodded,Sign the name on the hand like a cloud and flowing water,Superstar demeanor。
Often a simple answer,An encouraging look,Make high school students scream constantly、Applause。
This scene is in the eyes of Zhao Dabao,Really envy。
Being a big star is so popular,It’s a national goddess!

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