“Where is Broken Blade,The two deputy deans can see clearly?”Inside the palace,Woman’s voice came。

“Luzhou。”The two old men in Rushan looked at each other,then,Surely。
“Ok,The old minister is not worried about where Broken Blade is going now,But worry……”
“worry about what?”
“If the old minister remembers well,A section of this sword was brought back to the West by Buddhism three hundred years ago,Now it’s kept in Da Leiyin Temple!”After the two old men in Rushan looked at each other,Shen Sheng。
“Great Leiyin Temple?!You said there was still a piece of it three hundred years ago,Brought to Da Leiyin Temple by the Buddha!!!”Yan Ruyu looked at the old man in front of him seriously:“Are you sure I can live like this?”
“You want to hide and tuck?”The old way naturally understands what Yan Ruyu means,I calmly poured myself a cup of green tea。
“of course,I have seen three thousand times,Three thousand foundations were planted in my heart,I can get from any‘Daozong Ancient Borrow’with‘Taoist items’Extracted from‘No Way’,I can become stronger soon,The bad guy,But only time,As long as I can stand loneliness,I can level up safely,Believe it or not, I can go to the full level on the map of Novice Village?”Yan Ruyu nodded。
Able to stay,Of course you have to do everything possible to hold on,Who is so stupid that everyone knows everybody as soon as he leaves the novice village,This is no longer a silly thing,But to die。
“Did you forget one thing?”The old way looks strangely at Yan Ruyu。

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