At nine o’clock yesterday morning,Zhou Rui walked into Wu’s house。

They went to the study first,Stay in it for a short time。
I’m curious,Why do they always go to the study?
If I remember correctly,There are only two chairs in the study。
After coming out,Zhou Rui started cooking,And Uncle Wu is leaning on the door of the kitchen,Looking at Zhou Rui intently。
Is it,Does this old man have a guilty heart??
They eat early,Start eating at ten o’clock,During this time,The two have little communication。
Even short eye contact,Also separated quickly。
Finished eating,Uncle Wu walked into the bedroom。
Subsequently,Zhou Rui actually walked in。
After she came in,Shut the door easily。
Suddenly,One of my heart is a ball。
I rely on!
This bitch,He walked into his bedroom on his own initiative。
And also took the initiative to close the door。
If nothing happened to them,I would never believe it!
I gritted my teeth,I feel my heart is bleeding。

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