Actually she did it too,Just stopped back,Persuade,Said it was for the court to sacrifice,Don’t forget your parents are living in Lingnan,The little girl had to bear the humiliation in tears,keep on。

Fortunately, bird people are probably different from normal people,Not interested in women,I haven’t moved my body at all。Little Maid is at ease,Try to serve him well,I didn’t expect a few days later,All the people in the fleet praised Birdman,Said he broke the Wanjun alone,Pacified the pirates,Return to Southeast Asia(In order to please the two gods,Big blow,Put all the collective credit on Yang Pingfan)This is simply a hero!
Those nasty midwives,I used to scare myself with birdman’s stalk,Say you look at the rooster riding the hen,It’s all biting on the head,It can be seen how fierce between the beds,Only a country shrew can bear this job,A slender woman like a little maid,I’m afraid I’ll die overnight,Now their tone has changed again,In the tone of the people who came by, this posture is the most comfortable,Pooh,Shame。
Little Maid’s age,I don’t have a concept of what the midwives care about,But her aesthetic has undergone a subtle change,The more I look, the more I feel that clairvoyant eyes are pleasing to the wind and ears are pleasing to the eyes,And gave such a precious gift to myself,Is it true that you have a heart for yourself?
What poor scholar,What white-clothed celebrities are all fake,If you follow the fairy,Become an Immortal Couple,Chivalry,Punish rape,Rescue the parents again,That’s a happy life……
Chapter 76: Happy Heart,An inch of lovesickness, an inch of gray
Yang Pingfan didn’t know the change of the mind of the little maid next to him,I have already admired myself,He just drank the fish soup seriously,Burped,Smacking,“This soup tastes a little strange。”
This awakened the little maid,She hurriedly snatched it,“what,Have it?I have cooked fish soup so many times,Never made a mistake……”
“Quack,The smell is right。”
A burst of laughter like the screaming of a night owl came from the shadows,The two heard it and looked,I saw a small widow with a broken arm looking at them with excitement。
“It’s you?”
Yang Pingfan took a look and recognized that he was in the palace that day,The ninja who escaped from his men,Yang Ping has many things,I forgot about him long ago,Now I remember when I saw it。
“Yes,it is me,Very unexpected,Xin Family Twelve Ninja,There are eleven patiences and all of them die in your hands,Today I am here to take revenge。”
“Just rely on you?The immortal does not kill the unknown,Sign up。”
Yang Pingfan said he was going to raise his hand,But I found it was black,Exhausted,“Snapped”Trembling wrists supporting the table。
“Originally, ninjas cannot reveal their identity,But you are going to die,It’s okay to tell you,Shinchiro……Quack,Can’t you get gong?,Mine put last month thirteen incense in your fish soup,Eat it,Accelerate blood flow throughout the body,Swelling everywhere,Qiqiao bleeds to death。”
The little maid took a look at Yang Pingfan,Eye circles are already red,Now that I heard Shinchiro’s words,My heart is full of upset and despair,Grab the dishes on the table and smash them at Shinchiro,Pounced like a mother beast mad to fight him,Pushed away by Shinchiro,He fell to the ground,Xin Qilang glanced at her:“Flower girl’s good,Wait for my revenge,Just take you to happiness。”

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