Fulu can be carried with you,Just use it,It’s the thing between the thoughts,As long as the power of Fulu is big enough,Can still kill enemies more powerful than oneself。

There are more than 10,000 female fairies from Liu Tang’s subordinate in the magic weapon space,Emperor Lei asked sisters Liu Tang and Yu Xiaoyue to select a group of smart minds,The clever cultivators of solid foundation come out,Specially set up a team to make talisman,Everyone discusses together、Learn,Exchange ideas and experiences with each other,Practice in private。
The advantage of this is to learn from each other,Brainstorming,Talkative,Learn very fast,Far better than being alone,One brain,More people, more brains,The idea is easy to open,Open up more uncharted territory。
Emperor Lei converted all his 150,000 contribution points into the secret technique for making talisman,The 200,000 contribution points obtained by eliminating the Shuangyang Mountain gangsters are not only for Cao Xian and Ling Ling.,He left only 150,000。
Come to the Gongfa Building of Taifumen,Lei Tianzi View the jade slip catalog,I found that those low-level talisman crafting secret techniques are also very cheap,The production technology of advanced talisman is almost always secret,The talisman that can threaten the immortal cultivators of the Suo Dan stage is basically invisible on the market。
Today’s Lei Tianzi is also an immortal cultivator,Do you use talisman to attack the immortal cultivator in the solid foundation period??So it seems,It is also difficult to make talisman,Not much cheaper than the advanced techniques in the world of immortality,Even due to some characteristics of Fulu weapons,Any technology that can attack the immortal cultivator during the priming period is like a peerless treasure hidden in the snow。
The 150,000 contribution points he currently has can only be exchanged for a cold talisman that is lethal to immortal cultivators in the solid foundation period.,It takes more than 10 million contribution points to redeem the Talisman Secret Technique that can kill the immortal cultivators of the Locking Stage。
There is no advanced talisman technique that surpasses the lock pill stage in the secret techniques obtained by attacking the stray bandits’ lair in Shuangyang Mountain.,This incidates that,There is a consensus in Diaoling Continent:All Talisman skills in the Pill Locking Stage must be very precious。
Even Cao Xian from the Cao family came to Taifumen to learn advanced talisman skills,Strive for further study opportunities,In Cao Xian’s words:“The talisman skills that want to kill the masters of the infant priming period are all sects、The treasure of the family,If that kind of thing is spread too widely,Isn’t it because the strong are at risk?Even a solid foundation period can use a large number of talisman to kill a strong man of two great realms?How can I learn it casually?”
The low-level Fulu has become a tasteless,The advanced talisman Lei Tianzi needs are like the stars and moon in the sky,He has only two options,One is to continue to accumulate contribution points,In exchange for one or more spell-making skills that can kill the immortal cultivator,The other one is arrogance,See how chances are against the sky。
Judge the situation carefully,Emperor Lei decided to continue the mission,Go out and find the best time,It’s impossible to get what you need for a lifetime in Taifumen。
He discussed his plan with Cao Xian,Holding the idea of singing and singing,Cao Xian approves of Lei Tianzi’s plan,She has seen Lei Tianzi’s secret methods,Only by robbing others can you get rich quickly,Although this idea may be extremely dangerous,But since ancient times, it has always been wealth and wealth,Can’t wait for the big pie to fall from the sky。
Cao Xian asked a question:“The young people from the Cao family who came to Taifumen with me, except that some of the young people who entered the school like you and I were taken care of by Master,There are still many people who don’t even get the chance to enter the school,For so many days,They can’t leave outside the gate of Taifumen,It’s the end of the road,Hope i can help them,But i have no ability,I can only beg you。”
Hear this,Tianzi Lei finds it strange,Said:“They cannot enter Taifu Gate,Then go home,Is Taifumen very domineering,Are young people who come to school not allowed to go home??”
“That’s not,Has little to do with Taifumen,The main reason is that there is no protection from an infancy master on the way home,They can’t go back,Will definitely die halfway。”
Lei Tianzi got it,He first arrived in Diaoling and rescued Cao Xian,It’s a scene of being intercepted,Such things may happen every day,People with weaker strengths are scared to go out,Can be killed anytime, anywhere。
Thought for a while,Lei Tianzi asked:“What do you mean you want me to do?”
“Taifumen has rules that allow disciples to accept servants,Since those young people in the Cao family are not up to date,Being a servant is much better than being killed on the way home,They are also willing to be our servants,But accept them,We need to pay some contribution points,The contribution point for receiving a servant is 1,000,The number of contribution points in my hand is enough,Want you to contribute。”
Emperor Lei knows very well,Anyway, I still have 150,000 contribution points,It’s not a big deal to take out some,The issue is,The young people in the Cao family are all old acquaintances of Cao Xian,Maybe it’s relatives and friends who grew up playing,In the future, it may be regarded as Cao Xian’s direct lineage,Before these people grow up,Need certain constraints,I can’t let it grow。

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