A monster is rushing out,But intensive bullets,Even wearing a special projectile,Still being hitted after retreat。

Da da da
More bullets are pouring,At the end,His head is completely gone。
A rocket shot dazzling light,Come through a bright tail flame。
Screaming,A monster’s body exploded,Splash around the residual limbs。
Several firepower hands on the helicopter excited cheers。
I didn’t think about fire before.,But the scene is too confusing,Among them, many people,Armed helicopters can only act as a searchlight,Now there is a chance to hit the water dog.。
the other side,After killing Harold in summer,Not stopped,Hand-held blade quickly added to the war group。
His purpose has only one,Intern to the enemy,Turn out。
Killed in Harold,Under the premise of Eva,Whether it is a trial of monsters,Or finished product gene warrior,Eventually fleeing the fate of being killed。
An hour,Everyone stopped,Return to the villa hall。
In addition to a small number of fish,Most people are nearly completely over。
Shura nine people are blood,The face is flashing and excited and joy……Can fight side by side with the boss。
Especially in the initial,In the summer, I pulled the shocking cold light to let them shocked to the extreme.,Awe。
Confused Gu Haizhong,The same five flavors in my heart。
Many years of hidden dangers,Let him finally seriously。
At the beginning, in Qinghai, he met the summer.,The other party brings him great shock,Today, with familiarity,This shock is not only fading,But more and more strong。
“Grandfather,There are some fishing nets,There should be no big hidden dangers.。”
Looking at Gu Haizhong in the summer,Say the idea in your heart,“certainly,If you find the clue,You can notify me directly。”
Gu Haizhong silently nodded,Some complexity。
Hong Kong City。
A secluded seashore,A stealing cruise is quietly driving on the sea。
Standland,A lotus roll,Turn on a residue in the water,Tape。
It is Harold’s big daughter,Iva。
now,Her body wolf is unbearable,The fear of the wind。
Since fleeing,She does not dare to stay in a second,When I arrived in the port, I jumped into the water.,Until a boat launched to the high seas,She dares to jump from the water。
“go home……Be sure to go home……”Eva is like mad shammars,Eye imitation。
The Sarace family is finished.。

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