“But for me,But always feel,Actually it’s still a little bit worse。”

Wang Teng’s words are finished,In the hearts of those around you,Even more eager to try。
After all, now,Actually such a thing,Look at these people,It’s absolutely necessary to solve this problem as soon as possible.。
if not,Continue to consume here,Actually it’s not a good way。
And looked in front of you for a while,at this time,Wang Teng waved his hand,Don’t forget to say to this side:“Everyone get ready。”
“They are coming soon,So arrange it in advance。”
When I heard Wang Teng say that,The others nodded repeatedly。
Actually such a thing,Even if Wang Teng doesn’t say anything,,They actually think so。
Anyway now,Anyway。
Such a thing,Essentially,In fact, it is totally necessary to solve this problem。
And looking at these,The people around Wang Teng,They never forget to say here。
“Okay,Such a thing,Look now,It’s finally solved。”
“Since this is the case,Then there is nothing to worry about。”
“Haha,What else are we afraid of,We already have a complete win。”
Now,Those around,The more I speak, the more excited。
Even can’t wait,The key point is to be able to resolve this matter as quickly as possible。

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