“When the world song,尽 羽!”

The disciples of Xian Yupai are exaggerated.,A sentence to follow:
“Can fight against the disciple of Huhua,Appreciate this exquisite high-profile sword law,It is really good。”
“The disciple of Guizong is pure,High maturity,High wind bright festival,Convincing。”
“When a good sword,All in Huawang!”
Branch:“……How can this sentence you sound??”
Ju Yuqing walks on her left hand side,I can’t help but I can’t help it.,“Flutter”A laugh。
枝 声 声。
Ju Yuqing is close to her.,Take the opportunity to ask:“Branches,You have between Xiao Daoyou,Relationship seems unusual?”
Yan Zhi did not hesitate to,“I regard he is the enemy of life.。”
Yushuqing can’t resist the land:“Varied……NS?”
Isn’t it the relationship between a lover or a couple??
Yan Zhi has recently found this statement very well.,It is possible to show yourself as an inherent goal as a female match.——This is also the inspiration you get in Concord.。
Since last time and Kong Xinyue,This reason is, the more you slip.:“I went into the old door of Qing Dynasty with Xiao Shi brothers.,Although he entered the door.,But everything is excellent,Give me a lot of pressure。Now my biggest dream is to surpass him.、defeat him、Stepping him at the foot!”
Yu Yuqing:“……”
She has completely petrified。
Yan Zhi still patted her hand very well,road:“I know that people can’t accept my thoughts.,It’s fine。”
Finish,She is holding the brilliance of vicious women.,Tibetan work and name。
Yuzi ink saw Jejun Yugiang’s movement Some stiffness,Two steps:“Sister,what happened?”
“fine……Just think that this love thing is really complex tortuous,It is difficult to touch。”
Ju Yuxiang gods will roughly tell him about him.,Last,Lament,“Xiao Daoyou,Very poor!”
The tulurt ink nodded.。
I like a person who regards myself.,It is really very pitiful。
In the face of Xiao Yao,Even if Xiao Jo is saying the next travel route and dangerous countermeasures,Ju Yuqing and Yu Zai ink think about serious,Also reveal a little emotion from the expression of my gods。
Xiao Jo:“?”
Is there any disease??
Who is this sympathy??
Xian Yu,Betomete sooner or later。

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