Because it is backlight,Can’t see the opponent’s face,But he is also in slightly,Summer in front of the window。

The eyes of both parties meet in the air。
More invisible gas machine collides。
“It’s you!”
Summer face is surprised,open the window,It’s like a light smoke,Fall on the ground,There is no sound。
This is a man,About 40 years old,Wearing a normal cloth cloth shoes,The eyes flashed bright in the night,Self-transpondering an extremely special temperament。
Shimo Cloud!
The coming people are actually the children of Shizhengxiang.,Anni red man,Shimo Cloud。
For this person,Summer impression is extremely profound。
Last time I have had a side of Tianwang Mountain Villa.。
then,Summer I thought he would revenge Shi Zhengxiang,Can you later, somehow,I left some madness, I left.。
“I thought for a long time.。”
He looked at the summer,There is a touch between eyebrows.,“After all, kill my son.,I still can’t take anything.。”
Summer nodded,“You have to revenge him?”
Shimo Yun is very happy,“It is not a place where it is dead here.,follow me。”
Voice is just,His figure has been crossed,Disappeared in the night。
Summer is not hesitant,Expand your shape quickly keep up。
The speed of the two is very fast,One after the other,It’s like two ghosts generally hidden in the night.。
After a moment,They entered a nearby park,Stat it down in a grass。
“It is very good here.。”Shimo Yun looks at night sky。
Looking at him in summer,Ask,“Who are you??”
Shimo Yun laughs softly,Some complexity,“The dragon hand and the nine pointers,From Qingcheng Mountain,I am a disciple of Qingcheng Mountain.。”
Summer shocked,“Lushan?”
“Can also say this。”
Shimo Cloud,“I can only tell you these,Make a hand,Tonight,You are not dead。”
A sound。
He twisted from the waist and a cold sword。
Summer wrist,A snake blade like a knife is like a sword in the palm of the palm。
He can feel the war of each other。
No matter how to say,No need to say more。
Shimo clouds,Step forward,The figure disappeared in the original place,Leave a hidden shadow。

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