Like a gravity,Routing a arc in the air,Like a rainy swallow。

She sees the summer feet in the air.,Overlays。
畔 畔 畔 畔,Sights in the field of view only……Everything looks so illusory and floating。
When Liu Qingqing feels the feet,She found himself standing on the roadside。
Next to,Is the man straight body,And that justice is like a rocky side face。
Liu Qingqing is panicked,Set up in an instant。
She looks at the man,Feel the arms of your own,Stop in your mind,At this moment,Only inexplicable security and warmth。
She is not the first time there is this feeling。
But this is especially profound。
As if,Even if the end of the world,As long as there is this man around you,There will be no matternt。
Summer is like a javelin standing there。
He didn’t see the big truck,But the first time sweeps around。
At this moment, the scene has fallen into extreme confusion.,Dozens of cars have a collision,Exclaim,Roar,Painful mourning。
And before the black business car,I have already disappeared。
Slow down,He looks to big truck。
Connected impact,Let the big truck will eventually stop,The driver was obviously injured.,It can be seen through the broken windshield.,He is full of blood in driving position,It seems that it has been dumping。
Deep breathing,Summer is looking down,Mild smile,“Old willow,You are not hurt.。”
Liu Qingqing shakes his head,Mood is temporarily calm,But there is a worry on pretty face.,“Did you see it??”
Summer eyes slightly flash,Spirate,“what?”
“This is not a traffic accident。”The gods of Liu Qingqing become angry,“This is a murder!Someone wants to kill me!”
Liu Qingqing is not stupid。
Even if I didn’t see someone who was shot toward her,Can connect to the whole thing,It is easy to speculate some things。
She looked at the summer,Conscientiously,“I am in the mall, although there are many opponents and enemies.,But it is normal business competition and means,Will there be people to go to kill people,I want to kill me now.,only one,That is ancient wind!”
Summer is silent,Then nodded。
(This chapter is over)
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Such a serious traffic accident,Soon, paying attention and vibration。
Qinghai administrative department is very efficient,Traffic police,public security,Fire and rescue personnel quickly came to the scene,Expand a series of dredging and rescue work。
Victims as this accident,Summer and Liu Qingqing are specially concerned,Need to assist the police investigation。
As for the truck driver,Still in a coma,Brought to the hospital。

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