Su San Province listened to the pace,Looking back respectfully,Say:“Three tail,The monks are the Sanyu Province!”

“You leave!Everyone else is going out.!”Qi Rui said that Wang Tianmu and Liang Zhongchun also waved,
A group of seventy-six leaves the meeting room,Rui Rui let Su San Province sitting,Ask:“Sausson,You should know the military agent.?”
“It’s really very well,I don’t know what to help.。”
“I have a task to give you,I hope that you can go to Huangshan’s killing tribunal,Because you are Chinese,Previously a military agent,Cooperating should not doubt you.!”
Su San Province listened to the legs and almost kneel on the ground,Hurry:“Three tail!useless,I have recently arrested a lot of military specialists.,BlackBerry Qi Lunna is my sale,This Military Bureau should know early,I am not sending death?。”
“I saw what you said.!”
“Three tail,Really can not,The name of the surname is the person who is never killed.,Then the killing is rumored.,If they know that it is me,That is not allowed to live.!”
“San Sanyi Province,Your previous betrayal is exactly the great cause of your party country.,I will give you an important intelligence this time.,You bring to Huangshan to hand over,I think they will trust you.,The Military Bureau will also reward you!”Rui Rui said that I will let you bother anyway.。
“what!What intelligence?”
“About Sanjun Special Action Team and Third Division,The twenty-second division is against Huangshan,Jiuhua Mountain Spring Clear Combat Scheme!”
“How can I get this??Cooperate, will not believe。”
“I will arrange it.,Guaranteed a little flaw!”
“Three tail,You still find someone else.,I really can’t do it.。”Su San Province is so afraid to know that Rui is known as killing,If he knows himself is a traitor,That is really going to point yourself.。
“stupid!San Sanyi Province,This is the dispatch army commander wants to cultivate you.!As long as your mission is completed,After coming back, it must be the Director of the Agent Headquarters.,If the performance is outstanding,I promise to make you as director!”
“this……”Su Shi San Province’s brain flying operation,It seems that this three-tailed You Feng seems to be,What’s more, you can’t see it now.,He has only promised:“Three tail,I am willing to go to the fire for the Emperor Army.,I hope you don’t want to make a message.!”
“Do not worry,I have said three times.!”
NS693chapter Intelligence class
Rui is ready for the Sanyi province.,The signature and seal of the above dispatched army, the seal, such as a fake package。
After seeing the Sanyi Province, it was really trying to eliminate the killing temporary group.,They will definitely be fulfilled,So, when I left, I was very poor.。
“Sausson,I will let you have a purpose.,That is to find the weaknesses of the members of the killing action group.,Colored,Greed,Alcohol,Any shortcomings such as good gambling will be recorded in detail.,As for the inextricity of the murder, do not send,To ensure your own safety。”Rui Rui is in the same way,Special high-class bamboo clouds, etc.。
Seeing that the Japanese attach great importance to yourself,Su Shi San Province is also quite touched:“Yes!Three tails, please rest assured,I will keep in mind。”
Qi Rui decided to stay in Shanghai for the time being,He is wearing a place where you have no one.,He is like I and Xian people, I want to see the big Shanghai.。
Qi Rui didn’t find Xu Baichuan this time,Instead, I contact Tang Ling that stayed in Shanghai to continue working in Shanghai.,He also didn’t say that he was rumored.,It is a telegram to the mountains in the mountains.,Tell Fu Yingxue how to deal with Su Shi San Province。
Su San Province went to definitely could not kill in the first time,This person still has to use it.,It’s not a pity to simply kill.。
Rui Rui has a thousand ways to kill him,However, the most happy is that he handles him.,So I left Shanghai at Su San Province.,Rui Rui has already thought about how to kill him.。
“Bamboo talents,How is Shanghai now??”Three ends,
“Always,This time, the activity of the jellyfish assassination group is frequent.,Some of the Chinese people of our big Japanese empire have been assassinated by them.,I am looking for people now.。”Bamboo, the clouds are actually a focus.,Now she doesn’t have a little jellyfish.。
“Jellyfish,That is the murdere of the murder that is almost the name of the murderous action group?”
“Yes,In fact, I have always been associated with the killing god action group.,Because the weapons used by the weapons and the weapons used by the killing action group are basically the same,It’s all retrofitable sniper guns.。”
“I know this thing.,This modified firearm is not only a gun master.,Still a gunpowder manufacturing expert!”Three Yousyou said,
“Gunpowder manufacturing expert?”

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