Chen Linzhi passed away,Said in your mouth:“No problem at all,I said before I said with Yin Xiaomi.,Give him a thousand kind of salary for each month,You have to be estimated to be almost,Help me to run sales,In addition to the basic salary, please submit it to you.。”

Chen Linzhi wants ideas,Chen Linzhi’s start-up fund,Chen Linzhi’s risks、It is also two times in Chen Linzhi.,Big old faren to Ben Donville town,Just for an uncertain opportunity。
Missing accounts。
In this San Francisco high school white-collar, he gets 10,000 dollars.,It is already very a very good era.,He is willing to give Yin Zha and Ali so many wages,No matter which aspect, you can’t pick it up.。
Yin Huguo now debts,Nothing to income is nothing more than a six or seven hundred dollars,A be beam is introduced by relatives before,Lower salary per week,A very hard。
Know that Chen Linzhi is working,Start payment is already so high,Yin Xiaoyu 咋 咋 ask:“real?No wonder my old lady is good to you.,I didn’t say anything tonight.,Blame I usually push your black pot to you.,Before she impressed you。”
Chen Linzhi heard whisper,I finally understand that I just greeted my mother.,Why is the attitude so cold?,Dareful source。
Amu laughs:
“You are also stupid,I am exaggerating you like a flower at home.,Otherwise, how can the family will feel with confidence??People Mr. Chen is doing things,Hurry and resign your work,So you go to the door,Subcrew into a pig head,I will not come back to the last medicine fee.。”
Yin Zhaoli,Sentence:“Your wall grass,I don’t want to be used to your face.,Chen is always,Just someone is not saying a human model?”
Chen Linzhi is extremely calm,Careful recall,I found three people to sit together to eat,It seems that I have no heart every time.。
I have to see them two dogs biting a dog.,Anyway, it will not hurt the exemption.。
Chen Linzhi said:“public location,Sound dot,What kind of thing is it?,Come,I am giving you,You both drink a cup。Do business in the future,Wine is not good,Just happened to practice today。”
Help,Eat vegetables。
At this time, someone patted Chen Linzhi shoulders.,Turn around,Zhao Bai Lu。
Zhao Bai Dao Dressed Today,Wear a set of school uniforms,Plaid skirt to the knee,Top of the student dress,Written on the chest school badge“Santa Mingni Brother Middle School”Word。
This school is located in San Francisco Suburbs,Built in1850year,Is the oldest in San Francisco、The top private woman school,See the family conditions from adoption Zhao Baiwu,She has condition to go to this female school,It’s just that it is normal.。
I want to enter Harvard or Yale,Alternatively be used in Cambridge University,Zhao Bai Lu’s achievements can be imagined,In the first day, Chen Linzhi often went to San Francisco Public Library to learn to find information.,She will read the book almost every time.。
See her,Yin Zhaden is tending,I thought Chen Linzhi about Zhao Bai.,Really talking to this young girl,Otherwise how can it be so clever?。
In fact, Chen Linzhi has no knowledge.,Ask her after seeing her:“what,You have also come to eat?”
“Yes,My mom likes to eat hot pot,I haven’t seen you in the library for a few days.,What are you busy with recently??My parents go to parking,By the way, buy a bottle I love to drink orange juice,I will come over later。”
Zhao Bai said with a smile,Nothing is not big,Put on this clothes more young。
“Do business,Just talking,Your parents come over, even if you come over.,Otherwise you can eat together。I haven’t started working yet.,Why do you all take a school uniform??”Chen Linzhi asked her。
Zhao Bai Lo replied:“Schools have official website on the network,I found some photos and other two students.,Cosmetic fetching fast one hour,The camera has always let us laugh,I’m laughing at me.。”
A beam interface:“Seeing you is beautiful, you will look at you.,There is no beautiful friend around you.?Introduction to me,Prostitute friends are often beautiful,I believe you,Come on。”
“Rational,Monk,Give me first introduce。”Hurry,Be unwilling。
Zhao Bai Lu is just laughing。
She remembers something,Chen Linzhi said:“correct,Your ring is still there.?That ring with a badge,I have flipped the information of the British House.,That is a private badge of a king of France.,Very commemorative。”
Chen Linzhi and her are not in the same channel,Where can I have a commemorative meaning?,Packed eyebrows:“Means of,It’s very valuable?”
NS62chapter ring(two)
Zhao Bai Lu parents are just into the store,She has no chance to talk to Chen Linzhi again.,Today, I will go to the San Francisco Public Library tomorrow morning.。

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