Wang Youcai’s eyes widened and roared:“Who else can he have。We’ll be clear if we go over and ask in a while,If he dares to deny,Let’s give him some color tonight。Wu Wu is calling now to check where Chen Feng is going tonight,If you know, let’s go over now”Wang Youcai said,Take the lead to walk outside the hospital。

Xia Jiangang came downstairs,I received a call from Qin Xiaomin,Tell him not to use it,Some colleagues from the city government came to see her。
First1693chapter V8Haobao
? Flat city at night,Still very beautiful。
Especially where the neon lights are flashing。men and women,Old and young,It can be said to be a constant stream。This adds a little prosperity to the flat city at night。
Xia Jian came out of the Municipal People’s Hospital,Walking on the street alone,He didn’t know where he should go。Glanced at the watch,Found it was past ten。If he hurries back to Xiping Village at this time,It’s eleven o’clock the fastest。Maybe Zhao Hong would have fallen asleep。
Don’t know how to do it,When Xia Jian finds out,I went to a houseKTVIn front of。He seems to have been to this place,The speaker equipment inside is extremely well decorated。
Xia Jian suddenly felt like he wanted to sing。Actually since he returned to Pingdu,Such places are really rare。When I was in Bucheon,Because there are too many girls around,ThisKTVHe still goes often。
Xia Jian thought of this,Involuntarily took out the phone,So I called Guo Meili。I didn’t expect the phone to get through,Just listen to Guo Meili smiling on the phone:“What’s wrong, Mr. Xia?Is there anything wrong with calling at this time??”
“Tomorrow seems to be sunday,You take Lin Wei and Xi Zhen,To ChunyuKTVCome,My treat tonight,Miss this opportunity,I won’t have it in the future”Xia Jian said with a smile。
When Guo Meili heard Xia Jian asked them to sing,Can’t help but refresh,She laughed:“What seems to be tomorrow is Sunday,It was originally Sunday。This is the first time you treat,I won’t give you face if I don’t come,You wait,I will bring them here”
Xia Jian smiled slightly,Hung up the phone,Raised his foot into this houseKTV 。On the sofa in the lobby on the first floor,Sitting a lot of young people with yellow hair dyed。Among these people,Some young guys wear big earrings on their ears。Looks like the young and Dangerous boy in the movie。
Xia Jian walked straight to the front desk,To the waitress:“Open a small private room for four or five people”
“No more,There is only the last one left,YesV8Haobao”The waitress said to Xia Jian impatiently。
Xia Jian glanced at this woman,Said coldly:“how much is it?Drive me!”Xia Jian hates women who look down on people most。He was poor before,Everywhere you go, you have to take a look,It’s different now,Not just money?Time to spend,He never humbled。
The waitress raised her head and took a look at Xia Jian and said:“888yuan,Send two cases of beer,Two fruit plates。Still worth188Yuan’s bottle of red wine。Unlimited time,If you are interested,But sing till dawn。But remind you one,If you ask a lady to pay”
“understood“This time it’s Xia Jian’s turn to be impatient。He took out his wallet,Drew out a stack of banknotes and counted it,Throw it to the waiter900Piece。Then came a very chic sentence:”Keep the change, please“
“Thank you, sir,Your private room is on the westernmost side of the fourth floor,Please take the elevator,There will be a service on the floor to pick you up“When the waitress heard Xia Jian said that there was no need to find change,,A charming smile appeared on his face,Even the voice of this speech has become a lot softer。
Xia Jian stepped into the elevator in two steps,He shook his head helplessly。What’s wrong with people now?Hearing rich is like changing someone。Even this service industry looks like this,Which government departments have oil and water,Sometimes there are corrupt officials,It’s not difficult to explain。

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